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Poem: Somebody else was in control



They told me I had to be a girl.

Can you imagine being told you are a girl?

Somebody else was in control. 

At three years old, they told me my body could never pass as a boy.

Can you imagine being told your body is wrong at three?

Somebody else was in control.

So, as a teen, they locked me up for months at a time.

Stuffed poison into my body, to numb the pain.

I became a walking zombie.

Diagnosing me the sick one.

The wrong one.

The broken one.



Somebody stepped inside my soul.

Little by little they robbed and stole.

Somebody else was in control.

So, a girl emerged to please you.    


A lifetime wasted

I saved myself an emerged my birth right.

And now we have no family.

Because they think I am the wrong one.

You liars, you convinced this world! 

I have a will for survival.

So you can hurt me, and hurt me some more

I can live with denial

But you’re not my troubles anymore.

By Anunnaki Ray

July 18th, 2017


Dedicated to U2 – The Troubles

(This link will take you to Youtube).




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Poem: Stop Cutting us With Steel

Stop Cutting us With Steel


We are not a myth,

We are real.

We are hermaphrodites.

To be cut by blade, and by steel.

To be erased, by this cruel world.

That is threatened by our existence.


We are not myth,

We are real.

We are hermaphrodites.

That word


you even destroyed that too!

Making it a dirty word, a dirty name!

Making an excuse to erase us.


Telling us we could not be a boy.

Telling us we could not be a girl.

Telling us we could not be both!

To cut it off, to cut it out, to make us infertile, and unable to orgasm.

To lock us up in psychiatric hospitals for being gay or lesbian.

To be surgically erased, or even aborted.


We are not myth,

We are real.

Stop cutting us with steel.

Is Self-Determination too much to ask for?
Let us walk this Earth again.

Stop stealing from us what is ours.

We are Born Perfect! 


Mx. Anunnaki Ray

March, 21, 2017


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Please help us to change the way they talk about us.

Today I posted this on my Public Facebook Page:  Mx. Anunnaki Ray’s Gender/Intersex Activist:


The message read:

****Please share this one and help those of us born intersex to change culture.****

I rarely ask for a favor, but PLEASE help this meme to go viral! Nothing is more frustrating than when documentaries educate wrong about us.
Only two countries, Malta and Chile, have laws to protect the genitals and fertility of intersex infants. Help us to change culture, so that the rest of the world wakes up to, what many of recognize as a form of GENOCIDE.
Calling us a “condition”, “disorder”, or “syndrome” has to stop. We do not say that a typical female or male, is born with a “condition”. An intersex person is born intersex, not as a condition. Biological sex is on a spectrum. Help us to teach the truth. The male/female binary is a myth.
To learn more go to these hashtags:

Here are additional articles you can read to educate yourself about the Eugenics and Genocide of those of us born intersex:

Here are two articles about the Eugenics and Genocide of intersex babies/people:
1) “Why I’m Disturbed by Screening for Intersex Traits in Utero” By: Claudia Astorino: 
2) “On Eugenics Abortion of Intersex” By Cary Gabriel Costello: 

#WeAreReal #WeAreHuman #GenderEtiquette101 #HumanRights #UnitedNations #SelfDetermination #Genocide #Intersex #IntersexAwareness #GenderBound #MyIntersexstory


Thank you for helping us to change culture.

All the intersex flags in our world right now.


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Yup, I Used to have Chromosome Dysphoria!

Gender is not Chromosomes

Chromosome Dysphoria is very real.  I used to have it.  Chromosome dysphoria, is when we are taught that only females can have XX chromosomes and males have XY chromosomes, and we believe this myth!

To those who do not know,  according to most science dogma,  46XY  would be the chromosomes for a typical male, and 46 XX would be the chromosomes for a typical female.   (Note: Notice how I say “typical” and not “normal”.  This is out of respect for myself and others born intersex and transgender.  However, most would use the word “normal”.)   This false belief has tried to erase intersex and transgender people from the face of the earth.  I am here to teach the truth!

I was declared “female” at birth.  To dare think I was simply XX chromosomes, caused me much dysphoria.  I wanted this “Y” chromosome so bad I lied a few times!   I actually would share, with a few, that I had a “Y” chromosome.   You see, when I was a little boy I went to therapy to be taught I was a girl.  It traumatized me!  Therapy taught me I did not exist as a boy.   It destroyed most of my life.  Worse, since I was not a typical girl, I felt I could not exist as female either!  Imagine that, feeling invisible most your life.  I wrote this poem about it:  Poem: Dear Dad, Invisible is no way to live.

It ended up, after being checked, that  I am simply 46 XX.   This means that I should now be called a 46 XX Intersex person.   Most my life, due to having a higher testosterone level for a “female”, I slipped into a place of being misdiagnosed as a condition, syndrome, and disorder, most my life.

I finally dropped the diagnosis that labeled me a defect and a syndrome, and started to call myself  intersex October of 2014.  I wrote this about it:  I am an Intersex Person, I never felt like a Cisgender person, and I relate to some transgender men. and  Doctors call us a disorder, defect or syndrome when we are born. We are simply intersex.

As I listened and read about  the others born intersex, I realized I had been lied to.  So I wrote  several other intersex activists, such as: Tiger Devore, Ph.D, Cary G. Costello, Ph.D., Pidgeon Pagonis, Hida Viloria, and Toni Briffa.   I even wrote, Buck Angel, an amazing transexual man, and trans activist (Note: he refers to himself as transexual, even though most now use the term transgender).

Their response  woke me up.  I could EXIST as a person! 

Later, with the help of  Judi Herring, M.D., whom I have done a few public talks with;  I realized I was not a disorder, or a syndrome!  That I was born intersex; and yes, with self-determination, I was of the male gender, even if I was gender-nonconforming,  and have two XX chromosomes.  I no longer have chromosome dysphoria, gender dysphoria, or any form of dysphoria.  I simply live in a world that is misinformed and has “cultural dysphoria”. 

I now know that XX men exist, and XY women exist; and there are many of us!   

This fourteen minute  TEDx: “Gender Bound”, by Judi Herring, M.D. sums gender up well:



My autobiography:  About Mx. Anunnaki Ray

Here is one by Cary Costello, Ph.D; Intersex Roadshow, that might interest you:

The Problematic Ideology of Natural Sex



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Poem: I was never in the wrong body. (With 5 Intersex flags from around the world.)



I was never in the wrong body

How dare this world try to tell others they are in the wrong body too.

It makes me angry.

It makes me sad.

I almost believed your lies.

For a life time you tried to fix me! 


I was born in the right body.

Don’t try to convince me,

all you therapist, doctors and surgeons that make money from this damn lie!

I don’t want your cosmetic genital surgeries! 


I was not born in the wrong body!

I caught on to this lie.

It won’t work with me! 

I am too wise.

I call it what it is:



Don’t try to convince me I am in the wrong body

and that I am

the one


“gender dysphoria” 

It is not happening! 


I am one of the lucky few that know this Earth is NOT flat! 

How dare yo make money chopping on the genitals of  intersex babies,

and those labeled transgender!  


Is any BODY that shameful?

No Body is Shameful! 


Shame on this world!


By Mx. Anunnaki Ray 

July 19th 2015 

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.08.09 PM

Above I share, four different flags that are known to represent intersex or hermaphrodite in this world.  The first one, is the “Bi-Gender” Flag, and although intersex has to do with biological sex, some have chosen to use this one to declare intersex.  The Second one, is the Australian Oii (Organization International Intersex) flag.  The Third, the Brazilian Intersex Flag.  The Fourth, the Hermaphrodite Flag, created in Germany.  Last, below is one more flag I have seen, which is also for intersex, and flown in Germany.


 Please note, some intersex do not like the label “hermaphrodite”, but some don’t mind it at all.  Also, most intersex do not like to be called a “DSD” or “Disorder of Sexual Development either.  Please always ask before using the term “hermaphrodite”, or  the phrase “DSD”.

The safe thing to say is always: “intersex”.

Here are the two symbols used to represent those born intersex:



Helpful LGBTQIA+ Definitions and Human Sexuality

All the Gender Symbols


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Two diagnosis that bring in the cash $$ for surgeons, psychiatrist, and therapist: Disorders of Sex Development, and Gender Dysphoria

Bottom line: If they can convince us, or our parents, that we are born in the wrong body, there is a TON of money to be made.

The two most common diagnosis that leads to genital surgery,  sex reassignment surgery, or therapy  are:  Disorder of Sexual Development (DSD), and Gender Dysphoria.  

I hope to educate this world, so that these pressures to conform to what is male/female typical can stop; and people can finally have peace with the bodies they were born with.  To me this is more about “Cultural Dysphoria” than the personal problem experts try to make us believe we have.  It is time to end Cultural Dysphoria, so that the genitals of intersex babies are not such a threat!  By ending cultural dysphoria, gender dysphoria will no doubt vanish, or lessen significantly with transgender people too.

It doesn’t matter if we are born intersex, or identify as being transgender.   The system is created to make us feel that our bodies need “fixed”, that we are “born in the wrong body”, and that we need to align to the strict male/female binary expectations of male and female.

Daily, Intersex Genital Corrective Surgery or Cosmetic Genital Surgery,  happens in the United States, and pretty much everywhere in the world.  Sometimes it is called “Genital Normalizing  Genital Surgery”.  Most of these surgeries occurring on infants and young children, who can not even give their voice yet.  Many more occur on transgender people, who are made to believe that  they have to have the surgery to be whole or “pass”.  Needless to say, in some places one has to have surgery to even change their birth certificate’s gender.  I feel this is wrong on every level.


For transgender, and some adults,  top surgery (chest surgery), is the most common.  This is when breasts are created, or a masculine chest created, depending on the persons request.  However, “bottom surgery” is also offered to those who can afford it, and take the risks involved in having a surgically created genitals that conform to the appearance of a typical male or female.  These surgeries are extremely expensive, and cary significant risks that include the loss of:  fertility, sexual sensation, sexual function, and create scaring.

Here are my four thoughts and what I believe about corrective surgeries and therapy:

  1. Self Determination is a Human Right.  I don’t care if you are born intersex, transgender, or not.   Every single human being should be able to decide their gender, and not have to be assigned by the appearance of their genitals at birth.
  2. Gender is a personal thing, and is how one feels internally about themselves.  Gender is not determine by our genitals, reproductive system, hormones or chromosomes.
  3. I believe that only with full consent, and full knowledge, should a person have surgery to conform to what is typical.  That surgery should never be done on an infant or child.  Surgery should not be decided by our culture, government, doctors, friends, family, or churches either.
  4. I believe that genital integrity is a human right; and we should be allowed to have the genitals, and body, that we are born with.  No one should ever feel that they are “born in the wrong body”.  It is my hope to see more and more gender nonconforming people in the world, but if a person must have surgery to conform,then that should be their right to do so.

A related blog:  Do I Pass, What Gender Am I?



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