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My Plea: I am a 46XX CAH Intersex Nonconforming Gay Transgender MAN

This is the Poster I e-mailed for the Laurie Children’s Hospital CAH Stories Symposium, Held on Feb. 4th and 5th, 2022. Email:

The text in the poster above reads:


I am a 46 XX CAH Intersex Nonconforming Gay Transgender MAN

You will not erase my intersex existence with your bad binary science, expertise, bias, or greed.

You will not erase my existence with your prejudice, phobias, or your fears.

You will not erase my existence

by amputating it off, surgically hiding it, or creating an endosex female body

with your best corrective surgical techniques.

You will not erase my existence

with your attempt to get in the way of laws being made to protect 

46XX CAH Intersex Children born like me. Too many are destroyed, I stand for them too.

You will not erase my existence by assigning me a girl in error either.

Like others assigned wrong,   I prevailed.   I arrived.   I am here, against the odds! 

Like a Transgender Man, I emancipated my true self, after living most of my life utterly erased!


End your Cultural Dysphoria!

CAH Organizations want to deny that we can exist as 46XX boys.

Yet here we are seen by our entire world now.  There are many of us.  Some of us are survivors of IGM.

I am a Public Figure, Activist, Educator, and an LGBTQIA+ Visionary.

First Colorado Intersex Birth Certificate, 2018.

TEDx Talk Alumni, Born Intersex: we are human!

I stand with Intersex and Faith: I am Born in the Image of God, a Gestational Father.

We Intersex Activists arrive with many Human Rights Organizations now

We call out to the world that what you are doing is wrong!

Do the right thing and Stop These 46XX CAH Intersex Surgeries!

Give Self-Determination and

Bodily Autonomy to these innocent babies!  Include all of us, 46 XX boys, in your conversations.

It is time to end your:

Endosexism, Intersex Phobia, Ableism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Queer Phobia,

Intersex Genital Mutilation (IGM) and CULTURAL DYSPHORIA!

Have some human compassion and show your love, and care! 

I was born and left whole.  We EXIST!   We Are REAL!  We Are HUMAN!

My 46XX CAH Intersex body is a man’s body because I AM A MAN.

It is up to the child to grow up and tell us who they are and if they will even want or need surgery.

Until older leave their CAH 46XX virilized body ALONE!  It’s the Rights of the Child.

By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez

January 15th, 2022 

To Laurie Children’s Hospital, The Cares Foundation, and anyone else who does harm, but might want to truly care.

The above plea was my response to:

My TEDx Born Intersex: we are human!
I’m a Seahorse Dad
LGBTQIA+ BIPOC Inclusion Flag Created By Intersex Survivor Pablo Neira


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