Poem: No, you will not take my power away.

I am a survivor of much harm. Over and over again I crawl out of this hole I find myself in. Why, because I am a survivor. How dare you tell me I asked for it. You curse and rant and call me names even. What is wrong with you? You won't take my power… Continue reading Poem: No, you will not take my power away.

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Poem: I am sick, too.

I close my eyes and walk in the past To your waterfall, I am at peace at last My body with fever, my throat razor blades My head is hurting, my mind in a haze The thick goo in my throat breaking with meds Hoping it doesn't travel any lower please go away and no… Continue reading Poem: I am sick, too.

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A common question I am asked: How do you go to the bathroom?

  I am asked often: How do you go to the bathroom? My joking answer and to the point: I find a bathroom, go into the bathroom, if it is a stall, I shut and lock the stall door, sit down and do my business like you do. My more serious answer:  1) I first… Continue reading A common question I am asked: How do you go to the bathroom?

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A Sad Christmas Haiku

My friend on facebook used to play a game with haiku, where you keep on going with the last sentence of that last haiku.  She wrote: Their cold prejudice Will not stop us enjoying Our family of choice. By Cathy Green ♥♥♥ More Poems I Have Written Since Emancipating My True Gender ~.V.~

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Poem: When I faced the streets alone

When I faced the streets alone I looked up into the Florida winter sky The stars seemed further away than usual  God nowhere to be found in my heart I thought I was alone I now know God was there but not at the time just darkness you see, boys don't cry... or do they?… Continue reading Poem: When I faced the streets alone

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A Zen Koan: The winter of my life.

All my life false and real, right and wrong tangled Playing with the moon, ridiculing wind, listening to birds Many years wasted seeing the mountain covered with snow This winter I suddenly realize snow makes a mountain. - Eihel Dogen For those who do not know, this is an example of a Koan.  A Koan… Continue reading A Zen Koan: The winter of my life.

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Is my husband a pervert?

A conversation starter: Was my husband at one time a person that could have been considered a "pervert" or a "chaser" for being curious and wanting to date me, and have sex with me, an intersex trans person? My answer is "yes". And yet, here we are thirty years later in the same marriage. Yet, today I… Continue reading Is my husband a pervert?

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Poem: When two lonely aliens become brothers

We both felt like we were from another world. You on one side of the country, and me on the other. And we would not know it until half our lives were over.   You would be born a decade before me. Sharing with pride to all your friends your genitals from another world. All… Continue reading Poem: When two lonely aliens become brothers

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Does my family​ know prejudice?

My thoughts on prejudice today: My dad was a Castilian Spaniard. Our Spanish ancestors were Ashkenazi Jews that escaped Europe into the United States to survive being killed. They converted to Christianity due to Catholic missionaries in the United States as immigrants. My grandmother was so terrified of their speaking Spanish, they forbid it in… Continue reading Does my family​ know prejudice?

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Poem: Institutionalized approved torture

Today I shared to the world on Facebook: My great aunt suffered electric shock treatment and being locked up in psychiatric hospitals for being a lesbian. She would ultimately commit suicide to escape institutionalized torture. I sometimes wonder if she was also intersex. I can't get any straight answers. If she was intersex, that would… Continue reading Poem: Institutionalized approved torture