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How I became pronoun fluid at four years old.

  Four years ago today I emancipated my true gender identity to nonconforming gay androgynous man.  As of December 19th, I am officially FOUR years old. Four years old, you say?  How can that be?   Well, in the transgender community we often count our birthday from the date we started our transition against our… Continue reading How I became pronoun fluid at four years old.

Jim Costich, The Man with the Hidden Playground

Gender, Sex and Orientation Over(your)lap

By Jim Costich  December 2018 Being gay is not just a sexual orientation.  It's a gender.  Or rather there are different genders of gay.  This surprised a friend of mine who is a tad new to gay culture.  He didn't realize that among gay men gendered pronouns change in mid-sentence such as: "We had the worst… Continue reading Gender, Sex and Orientation Over(your)lap