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Medical Complex: Stop Cutting the gay off!

Help us end Transphobia and Homophobia. Some of us believe they are cutting the gay off of innocent nonconsenting intersex children.

If an intersex child is believed to be a female before that child can give voice agreeing to this female birth assignment, she deserves to keep her large clitoris, phallus, or penis if this is their intersex bodily variation. As for testicles or gonads on a girl, they deserve to keep all that too! Let the child grow up to decide! After all it is their body, their sex, and their gender identity.

Bottom line: Let the child grow up to decide rather or not they need surgery. Handing over this surgical genital preference to fearful scared parents or handing that child over to a prejudiced transphobic/homophobic medical complex is not promoting self determination! Sending an intersex child to a transphobic or homophobic doctor or councilor is promoting cultural dysphoria.

Help us create a world where it is “My body my choice” and “No body is Shameful”. If we are to stop intersex genital mutilation we need more Intersex pride in this world! Bottom line we need to end intersex phobia!

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