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My New Year’s Resolution for 2019

Here I am again Not much has changed here on Earth Only promises, suggestions, and resolutions. We still have so many growing up without restitution. Here I am again Promising this world that I will not be silenced until every baby born intersex is not cut on or forced to be who they shouldn't be… Continue reading My New Year’s Resolution for 2019

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I am Proudly the First in Colorado to get an Intersex Birth Certificate

The day I receive my intersex birth certificate from Colorado.

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Mama Dragons is Intersex Inclusive

  Mama Dragons have been amazing to educate about intersex!   I am honored, and proud, to have been working with a mother and President of Moma Dragons, in educating them about intersex and how to guide parents to the proper avenues. Their President Julie Packer has been eager to learn about the atrocities intersex… Continue reading Mama Dragons is Intersex Inclusive

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PFLAG Rockford Chapter is the 2nd to become INTERSEX Inclusive.

I am excited to announce, and celebrate that  PFLAG Rockford Illinois is the second PFLAG Chapter to responsibly include intersex.   My chapter, PFLAG of Jacksonville is the first.  This happening after they made me their Director of Gender/INTERSEX Education.  It is my goal now to help other PFLAG chapters add the "I" responsibly. While traveling to… Continue reading PFLAG Rockford Chapter is the 2nd to become INTERSEX Inclusive.

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The way I see it: A Penis and a Vagina does not Create our Gender Identity

I like to teach that gender is our personality and that a penis and a vagina does not create our gender identity.  I feel that my gender identity is a personal feeling and a way I internally feel about myself.  My gender identity has nothing to do with my chromosomes, hormones, genitals or reproductive system.… Continue reading The way I see it: A Penis and a Vagina does not Create our Gender Identity

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Joey’s Gift: Self-Determination

Joey is an amazing spirit, child, and has pure innocence.   At nine years old she is very clear about her gender identity and embraces their feminine side, and yet still has a great passion for sports and aspirations to become a football player!   May this world awaken gently to allow such amazing children… Continue reading Joey’s Gift: Self-Determination

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Poem: Dear child, born like me

Dear Child, born like me, I saw your blue eyes, yesterday. Your eyes, as deep as the ocean, they touched my soul. I could feel your insecurity, your anxiety, and happiness, to be with a person born like yourself for the first time ever. I think it is in our eyes. People see it in… Continue reading Poem: Dear child, born like me

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The FEMALE PENIS and the MALE VAGINA; and explaining this to our children.

Our kids are proof that it is about educating only about the male/female binary, and intersex erasure, that messes up the truth around natural bodily variations existing in us humans.  You see, our children were taught that intersex bodies and transgender bodies existed.  We educated them as soon as I realized I was not a… Continue reading The FEMALE PENIS and the MALE VAGINA; and explaining this to our children.