My Source Page for TEDx Jacksonville, 2018: “BORN INTERSEX, We are HUMAN!”

Link to watch my TEDx: Born Intersex, we are human! 



  • Galaxy. Creative Commons, galaxy-infinity-milky-way-110854.jpg
  • Hermaphrodite: hermaphrodite Creative Commons
  • Earth Sunrise:  Earth Sunrise Picture Creative Commons
  • Baby booties Creative Commons
  • “The Bearded Woman: Magdelena Venture with her husband and son.” Public domain. search=Jusepe+de+Ribera’s+1631+painting&title=Special:Search&go=Go&searchToken=bgm6bq2k4z1kgxvxbce5b6n7z#/media/
  • Painting by Jose De Ribera: File:La_mujer_barbuda,_de_José_de_Ribera.jpg
  • The Prader Scale: Image Borrowed from Emerick, 2012; and Intersex Roadshow.

Added Slide, for Intersex Day of Solidarity:

Michel Foucault. 1980. Herculine Barbin (Being the Recently Discovered Memoirs of a NNineteenth-CenturyFrench Hermaphrodite).