Helpful Definitions of Human Sexuality with Flags


Ten Categories of Human Sexuality: 

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I. Biological Sex, Anatomical Sex, and Sex Traits/Characteristics

II. Gender Identity  

III. Sexual Orientation  

IV. Romantic  and Affectionate Orientation    

V.  Gender Expression Words   

VI. Different Type of Attraction

VII. Labels Considered Offensive     

VIII. Kink and Fetish Culture     

IX. Other Words Used

X. All the Gender Symbols

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I will now use MOGAI instead of LGBTQIA+

MOGAI Definition with FLAGS | Nobody Left Behind!

For all Ten Pages; Sources and References Used:

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List of Sexualities and Genders PDF

New Pride Flag 2020

I will now use: MOGAI instead of LGBTQIA+


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LGBTQIA+ Free And Equal Born This Way
LGBTQIA+ October 2015 | By Anunnaki Ray Marquez
LGBTQIA+ October 2015 | By Anunnaki Ray Marquez