LGBTQIA+ Awareness Days


January 17th: Holocaust Remembrance Day. A day to remember all of the victims of the Nazi era; see persecution of homosexuals in Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.


February is LGBT History Month (USA)

Last Friday in February: International Stand Up to Bullying Day


March 1st: Zero Discrimination Day

March 31st: International Transgender Day of Visibility


April 26th: Lesbian Visibility Day

Day of Silence: April; Day varies from year to year. GLSEN’s Day of Silence is an organizing tool to end the silencing effect of anti-LGBTQ bias


May 17th: International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.  The main purpose of the 17 May mobilizations is to raise awareness of violence, discrimination, and repression of LGBT communities worldwide.

May 22nd: Harvey Milk Day.

May 22nd: Irish Marriage Referendum


June is LGBT Pride Month

June 12th: Pulse Night of Remembrance

June 28th: Stonewall Riots Anniversary




September 23rd: Bisexual PRIDE Day/Celebrate Bisexuality Day.

Bisexual Awareness Week: The week surrounding September 23rd. 


October is LGBT History Month (USA)

October 11th: National Coming Out Day

October 19th:  National LGBT Center Awareness Day and  Spirit Day 

October 26th: Intersex Awareness Day

Asexual Awareness Week: Last week of October.


November 8th: Intersex Day of Remembrance (Intersex Solidarity Day)

First Sunday in November: Trans Parent Day

Second Week in November: Transgender Awareness Week

November 20th: Transgender Day of Remembrance

Third Friday in November: International Stand Up to Bullying Day


December 1st: World AIDS Day

December 10th: Human Rights Day.


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