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Difference Between Hermaphrodite and Intersex

Hermaphrodite vs Intersex   The two terms Hermaphrodite and Intersex have been used synonymously before the mid-years of the last century.  However, they have been explained in the scientific literature so that it would be convenient to understand the difference between these two terms.  Since the mid-1990's, it has been important to some in the… Continue reading Difference Between Hermaphrodite and Intersex

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Why was I diagnosed with GENDER DYSPHORIA?

As a person born intersex, October, 2014, I desperately needed to reclaim my true gender.  It was for health, mental and spiritual reasons.  It had become life or death for me at this point.  To get help, I had to seek out a transgender doctor, because no other doctor would go against my assigned gender… Continue reading Why was I diagnosed with GENDER DYSPHORIA?

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Intersex is what it is….

Intersex is what it is, even if our doctors want to call it something else. Parents are not being told their baby is intersex to justify cosmetic genital surgery.  Most these surgeries are not medically necessary.  When in reality we are born with natural bodily variations.  Here is the United Nations' Intersex Fact Sheet, that uses… Continue reading Intersex is what it is….