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What is endosex?

To better fight for the human rights of intersex children adding words to describe human diversity is necessary. Human beings can be born with endosex male physiology and endosex female physiology. If a person is born without endosex physiology, they are said to have been born with intersex physiology. Like endosex physiology, intersex physiology includes… Continue reading What is endosex?

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My Plea: I am a 46XX CAH Intersex Nonconforming Gay Transgender MAN

This is the Poster I e-mailed for the Laurie Children's Hospital CAH Stories Symposium, Held on Feb. 4th and 5th, 2022. Email: cahstories@luriechildrens.org The text in the poster above reads: I AM A MAN I am a 46 XX CAH Intersex Nonconforming Gay Transgender MAN You will not erase my intersex existence with your bad… Continue reading My Plea: I am a 46XX CAH Intersex Nonconforming Gay Transgender MAN

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Poem: I am a MAN with a Vagina

I am a Proud Hermaphrodite I am a MAN with a Vagina not the girl your world coerced me to be You ask...... Is it my Penis? Is it my Phallus? Is it my Clitoris? Is it my Phalloclitoris? Is it my Micropenis? Is it my Microphallus? Is it Clitoromegaly? Is it a Pseudo-Penis? Does… Continue reading Poem: I am a MAN with a Vagina

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Endosex: an important new word.

A message from Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez: Help me end Cultural Dysphoria, please! I brought the word "endosex" to the table with my TEDx Born Intersex: we are human! Intersex-born Cary G Costello, Ph.D., is one of the first to use "endosex" in his writing. I believe I am the first to use it in… Continue reading Endosex: an important new word.

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Poem: Endosexism

E Ellegant people separating themselves into pink and blue only boxes. N Not knowing they are doing harm conflating sex with gender. D 'Dumb' is not the word to use to describe what they are doing. O 'Open-minded people' learning about this human rights atrocity. S The erasure of our sex with the many names… Continue reading Poem: Endosexism