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I'm a Seahorse  Dad Message with ~.V.~

For fun, I compare myself to a seahorse dad.  For it is the seahorse dads who give birth. I am an intersex person, who identifies with being male or of the non-binary gender.  Not all intersex people are like me.  This is simply my story.  You see, my body naturally creates its own testosterone at a much higher level than a typical dyadic and cisgender female.  Hormonally and physically I have intersex traits, it would be decided I should be raised female.  But I was not of the female gender.

I was taught, when very little, that all females want to grow up, get married and have babies. I felt it my duty, my obligations. To be honest, I wanted that too. However, I NEVER felt like a mother or a wife. We now know that transgender men can have babies. There have been many now, becoming pregnant and having successful births.  Also, please read about this amazing intersex man, who successfully had a baby girl, and talks about intersex fertility.   His name is Cary Gabriel Costello, Ph.D., and you can read about their story here: Intersex Fertility: Intersex Roadshow Blog.   Cary calls him self a “gestational father”.   I like that!


Being perceived as female, and as a mother, was terrible for me. The typical women always caught on that I was different.  It could have been because my pheromones were not that of a typical female, I do not know for sure.  I was an outcast, appearing as female, most my life.  Now that I honor my true gender hormonally, I now can simply be me.  Our three children call me “Vader” now. Which is German for Father, and I love it.  For mother’s day, we now celebrate “SEA HORSE DAY”.

If I could do it over again, and it had been my choice, I would have been a pregnant man.


(I am only about six months into reclaiming my true gender in this picture: Taken Late Spring of 2015 )

We suffered so much pregnancy loss.  This song lifted my spirit when we battled to have a pregnancy go to term.  Elton John gave me hope, during a very grim time of my life.

I dedicate this blog post to:  Elton John – Blessed

For fun, here is a link to watch a Male Seahorse giving birth at The Deep Hull,

This Children’s Book Explains All the Different Ways Babies are Made

Learn about seahorses here too:  The secret sex life and pregnancy of a seahorse dad


These two little seahorses were a gift from a dear friend! 

Happy Seahorse Day!


My first Tatoo in 2017, of my Seahorse Dad.  A creation of my own design.  You can read about its symbolism here: 

The Creation of My Seahorse, and what he means to me.

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I'm A Seahorse Dad



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