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I emancipated my true gender in 2014, after being assigned the wrong gender at birth.  Here is my autobiography.   I started giving education talks in 2015 and I have now presented over twelve times.  This is my life work now and passion to help children born like me.   In Jacksonville, Florida, I have talked to the City Council, the Human Right’s Commissioner, as well as speaking at the Clay County School board meeting.   I have educated our church, people in private in their homes, as well as many schools and universities.

What is Intersex?

According to the Free & Equal Intersex Fact Sheet: Intersex people are born with sex characteristics that do not fit typical binary notions of male or female bodies. Intersex is an umbrella term used to describe a wide range of natural bodily variations. In some cases, intersex traits are visible at birth while in others, they are not apparent until puberty or may not be physically apparent at all.  Even though 1.9% of the population is born intersex, about the same number of people born with red hair, the term intersex is not well understood.  Us intersex people have been erased in many ways from the view of society.  This is why education is crucial so that we can change society and make this world a safer place for all of us.  My New Year Resolution for 2017: I promise to be your voice and Why I feel INTERSEX should be added to the LGBTQ rainbow






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Why I Saved My life

Below is an audio clip, from the PFLAG National Conference October 2017,  where I share how I did not commit suicide, and how Buck Angel a famous transexual man helped me decide to live instead of ending my life.  Buck Angel encouraged me to own my life purpose when I did not see it without him.  I include his response to my suicide note, back in October 2014:

“Hi Ant, the world will miss you so please don’t go….Thank you for this email. Life can be so damn hard at times. But know this. I survived and you can too. It is not easy I know this. Sometimes it feels like it’s easy just to die. But it is not. You have a message that is so important for everyone in this word. Help me to help make change by sticking around and you will see how important you are to me and the world. You are loved, my friend. With gratitude, Buck”

Audio Clip from PFLAG National Conference in Portland, October 2017

Here is the link to my first talk, in September 2015, where I am very new to public speaker, on Youtube: My First Talk   I have now presented over seven-teen times. You can see what I am up to, and past engagements below.

My Educational Keynote Presentations, or Workshops, can include:

  • My Intersex Story
  • Intersex 101
  • Intersex Human Rights Violations and the Moral Imperative of the Self-Determination of gender.
  • A Common Language to help promote the change of culture for intersex and transgender people.
  • LGBTQIA+ Human Sexuality:  Creating a Common Language that includes Intersex
  • Non-Conforming Gender Identities
  • The Basic Science Of Being Born Intersex
  • How To Become an Intersex Messenger & Ally
  • Birth Certificates in a Male/Female only world and Creating a Third Sex
  • The Difference Between Intersex and Transgender and how some intersex people are both.
  • Adding the ‘I” responsibly to LGBT.
  • Gender Identity,  Autism Spectrum, and Co-morbid Diagnosis.
  • Intersex History 
  • Faith and Intersex 

Custom Details:

  • Can easily be turned into an interactive workshop.
  • Talks can be modified to audience’s maturity.
  • Custom Made Talks can be created upon demand.

Future Engagements for 2018:

  • Sometime in 2018 – Grand Rounds Gender/INTERSEX Workshop with Dr. Jeffrey Goldhagen, M.D. of UF Medical School
  • Sometime in 2018 – PFLAG National Gender/INTERSEX Educational Workshops

  • March 7, 2018 –  Born Intersex in the USA Webinar and Discussion with Rockford, Illinois PFLAG Chapter.
Founder & President of Rockford PFLAG Chapter: Phyllis Gallisath with me for National PFLAG Conference in Oregon, 2017.

Past Engagements (Most Recent to first)

  • October 27, 2017 – Private Conference for UF College of Medicine for Pediatric Urologist.  Supported by Jeffrey Goldhagen, M.D and RayKay Santa:  Born Intersex in the USA.


  • October 26th, 2017 – Lunch Engagement for Intersex Awareness Day, with UNF LGBT Resource Center.


  • October 22, 2017, 8:00 am to 9:30 am – PFLAG National Conference in Portland, Oregon.:  Understanding Intersex and the Moral Imperative of Self-Determination:  Judi Herring, MD and Anunnaki Ray, Gender/Intersex Activist: Educator, Writer, & Speaker.







  • MOSH, June, 24, 2017;  MOSH PRIDE Celebration Day:  Born Intersex: My Story & the Value of Inclusion. A  Public Presentation in their Planetarium.    
  • MOSH, April 16,  2017;  Private Presentation to the Executive Director and administration.
  • MOSH (Museum of Science and History in Jacksonville), March 6, 2017;  Private Presentation regarding  MOSH Intersex Education and the problems with Bathrooms.
  • All World Acres,  April 23 and 24, 2017:  All World Acres, Plant City, Florida, 2 Day Workshop:  Day 1:  My Intersex Story & the Value of Inclusion.   Day 2:  Presented with my husband James Bunce and shared our love story with questions and answers.


Thank you, Sarah Palm, for opening the door to All World Acres.
  • All World Acres,  April 23 and 24, 2017:  All World Acres, Plant City, Florida, 2 Day Workshop:  Day 1:  My Intersex Story & the Value of Inclusion.   Day 2:  Presented with my husband James Bunce and shared our love story with questions and answers.
  • All World Acres,  March 11, 2017:  Rainbow Festival at All World Acres, in Plant City, Florida:  My Intersex Story & the Value of Inclusion.   
  • PFLAG Jacksonville, Jan. 19th, 2017: Public Presentation: My Story & the Value of Inclusion.    
  • JASMYN, May 24, 2016:  Private Presentation: Educating the Director for possible future presentations.
  • Florida State College at Jacksonville, Dec. 1, 2016:   Presented solo, to the Student Psychological Society, and Erin Vest Roger’s Class.
  • Florida State College at Jacksonville, March 16, 2016: Presented with Judi Herring, M.D.,  to the Student Psychological Society and  Erin Vest Roger’s Class.
  • University of Northern Florida, Feb, 25th, 2016:  Presented with Judi Herring, M.D.,  on leading and listening with care as part of the Taylor Leadership Institute Speakers Bureau, in collaboration with UNF LGBT Resource Center.
  • Pensacola Law School in Jacksonville Florida, with Judi Herring M.D., End of 2015: We were a part of a panel talking about bathroom laws and educating about intersex.
  • Buckman Bridge Unitarian Universalist Church, Sept. 6, 2015:  Listen with care Build Bridges of Understanding:  Presented with Judi Herring, M.D., on listening with care, and sharing my intersex story for the first time.  I have also helped educate BBUUC’s OWL Class on Intersex in 2016.  Here is the link to my first talk on Youtube: My First Talk


At a PFLAG meeting, Mx. Annunaki Ray gave a presentation, “Born Intersex in the USA: My Story and the Value of Inclusion”, it was a heartfelt, educational and impactful experience for me.  He addressed the issues around Intersex, the good, the bad, and the ugly with love and care. He spoke with clarity, humor, and respect. At one point I became emotional and cried.  His message of responsibly including the “I” in the LGBTQ letters prompted PFLAG of Jacksonville to make him Director of Intersex/Gender Education. Mx. Annunaki Ray’s honesty while sharing his experience was a powerful influence in motivating me to become more involved in promoting Intersex Awareness.
 -Elizabeth Garcia  Jacksonville, Florida:  Jan. 19, 2017


I have had the privilege to hear Mx. Annunaki Ray give two presentations, “Listen with Care: Building Bridges of Understanding”, as well as a follow up small group presentation during an adult educational class. His talks brought about a broad understanding of what it means to be born intersex. He led with his heart and spoke from a reality few of us can even imagine about being born intersex. Hearing his personal story as well as the detailed education has brought about my own personal growth and a shared advocacy. Mx. Annunaki Ray’s pure love and desire for truth make for a powerfully motivating speaker whose words will continue challenge and influence Intersex awareness and changes for years to come. Every listening ear is sure to be influenced.
-Colleen Goodwin, RN, MHA Jacksonville Florida: Oct. 10, 2017  


Mx. Anunnaki Ray is deeply dedicated to educating the word on Intersex.  He is driven to deliver a message that will open eyes, and help all those in need of support. He truly inspires and is making a dent in past perceptions.
– Tiescha Thomasson, mother of Joey, an XY intersex girl and founder of Intersex Support for Parents, a Facebook Group.  Jacksonville Florida:  October 26, 2017


Anunnaki is one of the most passionate, informed, and motivational speakers I have ever met. His ability to speak his truth and educate at the same time will leave you motivated to take action. He is especially skilled at helping the audience feel connected and unafraid to ask questions. His gentle and assertive way of connecting with his audience helps deliver his powerful message of hope. If you are lucky enough to hear him speak, your life will be changed.
– Kristie Overstreet Ph.D., LPCC, LMHC, CST Huntington Beach, CA:  November 1, 2017




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