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Endosex: an important new word.

A message from Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez:

Help me end Cultural Dysphoria, please!

I brought the word “endosex” to the table with my TEDx Born Intersex: we are human! Intersex-born Cary G Costello, Ph.D., is one of the first to use “endosex” in his writing. I believe I am the first to use it in a public talk. You were born endosex if you were not born intersex. Both Endosex people and Intersex people can be assigned wrong at birth. Both are valid when they emancipate their true gender, too.

Together we all change this world. Without words to explain this prejudice, we can’t own it. Endosex is a crucial word. Please consider using it more! The term “Cisgender” is not enough to stop intersex erasure. Language has the power to change this world. Stop allowing this false binary system to erase us, intersex people.

Thank you.

Art By Pablo Neira


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