Celebrate Intersex

All Human Beings deserve the right to their SELF-DETERMINATION of Gender.

Intersex people are LOVABLE, And We are WORTHY OF LOVE.

It is time to

CELEBRATE INTERSEX, and end Cultural Dysphoria!

The Emancipation of My True Self, a Human Being, 

and Gender/INTERSEX Activist.




Erasing the Bad, and Embracing the Good! 





Simply Being an INTERSEX

Below is an amazing quote, that was shared with me from my photographer, Seth Langner (of Karmathartic Studios), from Just Dharma Quotes:

Gender Identities ~ 17th Karmapa
Our ideas about what it means to be a woman or a man – that is, our gender constructs – are given meaning and importance in our day-to-day reality. Gender identities permeate so much of our experience that it is easy to forget that they are just ideas – ideas created to categorize human beings. Nevertheless, the categories of masculine and feminine are often treated as if they were eternal truths. But they are not. They have no objective reality. Because gender is a concept, it is a product of our mind – and has no absolute existence that is separate from the mind that conceives of it. Gender categories are not inherently real in and of themselves.

As a Gender/INTERSEX Activist, it is my mission to help change our culture so that intersex babies are no longer surgically and psychologically erased. That they get to keep the genitals, they were born with or not be forced into a gender they are not. That if they want genital surgery later, they get to decide.

It is my hope that society learns that Gender is not directly tied to our genitals, reproductive organs, chromosomes, or hormones.  Gender is a personal thing and is how one feels internally about themselves. Gender is how we experience ourselves, much like we feel or experience our own personality.