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IAD 2018 Poem: I am an Intersex Girl

Intersex Girl   My name is Joey and I’m here to say, I am intersex and that’s okay. I love to dance, sing and play football too and that does not make me different than you. I love being me and you love being you, there is so much we can do. We can kick… Continue reading IAD 2018 Poem: I am an Intersex Girl

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Poem: I am whole

Today I am me. I am empowered, I am being heard. Yesterday, I was unheard. I was invisible. I was the one whose power was taken away, and I was made broken by this world. I am complete now, I am whole in body and soul. Always, with you Sally Gross. By Anunnaki Ray Marquez August,… Continue reading Poem: I am whole

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The male/female binary is a Myth!

I am a man, with a few boy parts, that most call girl parts. But that is only because they believe in lies. They are all boy parts if they are my parts because I am a boy.  I might be non-conforming, but they belong to me, and my legal gender is male.  As for… Continue reading The male/female binary is a Myth!