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Poem: I am a cliff climber


No words need to be said.

Yes, it is utterly and horrifically overwhelming at times

I rarely get a break

And once again

Over and over again

Shoved off the cliff

I am a cliff climber 

After fifty years I am damn good at it too

At least now I know

I am not alone


No words need to be said


Mx. Anunnaki Ray
November 27, 2017



I found this picture (above). Photograph Credits: Gordon Wiltsie/National Geographic/Caters News.  It was the best in describing how I feel today.
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Poem: Somebody else was in control



They told me I had to be a girl.

Can you imagine being told you are a girl?

Somebody else was in control. 

At three years old, they told me my body could never pass as a boy.

Can you imagine being told your body is wrong at three?

Somebody else was in control.

So, as a teen, they locked me up for months at a time.

Stuffed poison into my body, to numb the pain.

I became a walking zombie.

Diagnosing me the sick one.

The wrong one.

The broken one.



Somebody stepped inside my soul.

Little by little they robbed and stole.

Somebody else was in control.

So, a girl emerged to please you.    


A lifetime wasted

I saved myself and emerged my birth right.

And now we have no family.

Because they think I am the wrong one.

You liars, you convinced this world! 

I have a will for survival.

So you can hurt me, and hurt me some more

I can live with denial

But you’re not my troubles anymore.

By Anunnaki Ray

July 18th, 2017


Dedicated to U2 – The Troubles

(This link will take you to Youtube).




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A Note to self: Dear Little Boy, who I used to be

Dear Little Boy, who I used to be,
Please do not believe the lies you were told.  They convinced you that you were born wrong, that you would amount to nothing.   They even convinced you that you would never be lovable as your authentic self.
They told you over and over, from the time you were three and four, that you could never be who you were born as.  They erased your very being, and turned you into something that could never be.  So stop wondering why you failed at being her!  So stop blaming yourself, and doubting yourself.   It is obvious they were the ones with the problem.
Today, you are surrounded by people who believe in you.  They get angry now when they see you reflect the decades of lies, and when you say you are less than and you doubt yourself!  They won’t put up with that shit anymore.  They know you almost did not make it!  They care my friend!
So, give yourself a damn break!  Decades, and decades of abuse is now over!  Their shit, was just that, a pile of stinking lies, that came from complete and utter nonsense.
I know you will not get restitution.  No one broke the law!  Yet, they almost got away with  destroying your complete and total life!
But you my sweet one, will create your own restitution!  You will help change this world, with others who were violated.  You will help change this world, to stop the pain, the suffering and torture around assigning gender.
You can now show this world that you are bold, brave, and courageous!  You can now tell your story about how after being spiritually, psychiatrically and physically demolished that you can survive hell, and still emerge from the dust and the ashes as a phoenix!
You can now show this world that they can be bold, brave, and courageous too! 
The one’s who broke you, were the one’s who were wrong and did wrong!  They are the one’s who have to change now!
Your only job now is to continue your journey, to shut the door on that past, yet never forget where you come from!
Your job now is to keep this tragedy from happening to another innocent little intersex or transgender child, and to promise to be their God Father and Guardian! 
With much self love,  flowing out to you, and over you, little boy.   Feel that self love that you never felt before in your life, until now!
Fly butterfly!  FLY!   Your wings have finally dried!  You are reborn from a mere caterpillar!
I know you can do it, because you are doing it!
Much love and confidence in you new friend!
Mx. Anunnaki Ray




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Poem: STOP the Unthinkable!

Normalizing interventions

done to our bodies and to our minds.

Unthinkable, and yet it is still allowed to happen.

Unthinkable, and yet the medical complex still gets away with it.

And here we are having to stay calm!

When it is simply unthinkable!


Here we are trying to teach you,

so that culture will stop doing the unthinkable!

 Here they continue to chop up the genitals

of innocent babies and children.

Claiming to ‘fix’ them.

Yet, it is Unthinkable!

And then telling us that our genitals don’t match our gender.

Who the hell are you, to destroy so many lives?


And here we are

Holding the bag of damaged goods.

A life you claimed to have fixed, that was thrown away to the wolves.

And here we are a mess!  Being labeled transgender,

due to your not thinking our genitals are right.

We are simply asking for genital integrity!


Please stop hurting us!  Hell yes, I am angry!

You get away with the UNTHINKABLE,

and I am told to behave and stay calm!

So angry tears fill my eyes with rage!

That kind of anger!  Do you know that kind of anger?

Or does your privileged life

even know that kind of pain?





cutting us,

castrating us,

mentally terrorizing us,

abandoning us,

and aborting us!

STOP the Unthinkable! 

By Mx. Anunnaki Ray

March, 1, 2017


Here is the United Nations’ Intersex Fact Sheet.

Here is the United Nations’ Page for LGBTI+






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How I was medically, and psychiatrically violated as an intersex person.


I was born in 1967, and assigned a female at birth and on my birth certificate. My medical career as a patient, started at three years old.  It was after they realized they had a boy on their hands, that was not allowed to be a boy. Back then, they called me “perceptionaly handicapped”, and therapy started to teach me I was a girl at three and four years old. I would compare what happened to me as “conversion therapy, but for a child. Although my genitals were never surgically violated, as a teen I would later be greatly harmed by psychiatry, due to John Money being the man of the day for gender assignment, and due to my doctors blaming my gender nonconformity as mental illness since my genitals clearly did not match that of a dyadic male.

Since I was taught to comfort as a girl, when I came out as a gay boy, their solution was to diagnose it, medicate it, and damage my brain with mitochondrial toxic medications. As you can assume my genitals are not in alignment to that of being a typical dyadic boy. However, unlike a trans man, since I am intersex, I can only relate to some things about being transgender and not everything. Most my life, to conform my hormones to that of a typical female I took added female hormones, and androgen blocking medications, so that I would appear more female. My body did not develop like a typical female in many ways. I was born with a metabolic condition related to mitochondrial dysfunction, adrenal insufficiency/non-classical congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH), and poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). My natural sex hormones were never that of a typical human male or female.

The things I did to conform to appearing female almost took my life, stunted my growth,  made me very sick, disabled and in a wheel chair for many years even. I would not find the means or courage to emancipate my true gender until October of 2014, and at forty-six years old. Instead of saying “transition”, I say I “reclaimed my true gender”. Back then, I stopped doing what doctors had prescribed and would later be patient abandoned for being a “non-compliant patient”. This lead to our going bankrupt, losing our house, and traveling the country to find “safe doctors”. Due to my medical complexity I could not simply just find a transgender friendly doctor. It was very difficult to find medical care that would help me recover my health from true government approved disability.

In Florida, I finally found two doctors that are willing to medically help me with my self-determined hormone levels, and issues I have with my metabolism, adrenals and strange ovaries. I also, now collaborate with Judi Herring, M.D., my colleague, in educating and speaking out about intersex and the right to the self-determination of gender.  Here is her TEDx Talk:  Gender Bound: Lessons from the World Between.  My husband of twenty-eight years and three children, and I will never get restitution.   In some ways I remain disabled as a result permanent injury to my brain and body. However, with better medical interventions I now can work again, am out of my wheel chair, and have rehabilitated significantly.

I now work as a pirate performer, and for the Black Raven Pirate Ship, as Pirate Antonio Phoenix. I am also a St. Augustine Swashbuckler, a pirate group that does fundraising for childhood organizations, such as Make A Wish Foundation and Dreams Come True. Most important though, I now educate students, doctors, psychiatrists, teachers and my followers on Facebook and Twitter, about us intersex people and how we are being violated.

It is my hope that the United Nations request for intersex human rights is respected, in the USA, and all around this world.  It is my hope that better laws are created to protect all of us.   I know too many people whom have been violated, and are not happy, and suffer great loss.  I believe that the self-determination of gender is a human right.  Right now only two countries, Malta and Chile, have honored the United Nation’s request to stop the surgical assignment of gender on intersex babies.  It is obvious that we have only just begun.

Here is the United Nations’ Intersex Fact Sheet


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My New Year Resolution for 2017

Dear World,

With as much sincerity that I can prove to you, In 2017, I will continue my work in trying to change culture, educate this world about gender and intersex, and make intersex awareness.  For 2017, and with the United Nations, I move forward.  I wanted to write a new poem for 2017, but when I read my  Last New Year Resolution, I could not come up with better words.  I became very emotional and deeply saddened even.   So I share with you again below, my promise and my plea to this world, and will do so until we receive our human rights.



I Promise to Be Your Voice

I read about you, in Africa, sweet angel now in heaven.

They cut your penis off, and you bled to death. Your family blamed all the bad things of the world on your birth. That you were supposedly a curse to this world, simply because you were born intersex. They left you for dead, and then you died broken in your hospital bed. Where even there they would not care for you right and no one visited you. Sweet man, I am so sorry this world did that to you, and wanted you to be a girl.

I promise to be your voice.

My sweet intersex cousin, who was born ten years after me.

They name you Paul, then they turned you into Paula. What the hell were they thinking? I am sure they justified cutting yours off too. But they were doctors, and got away with it. It was no doubt, for your “own good”. Your parents loved you. There were no laws to protect you. You died too young. I never did get to meet you.

I promise to be your voice.

To all those transgender people who ended their lives.

Because their bodies were supposedly wrong; such sorrow and pain. To be outcasts, and thrown away from your family. To be hated by those who should have loved you the most. To be raped, beaten, medically abused, and murdered too.

I promise to be your voice.

To the sweet little boy who I use to be.

I remember your tears, your shame that you did not appear as your brother. His body was so different, and yet the same. He was given the family name to keep; you lost your right to that one. How they made you feel less than, broken, delusional and insane. They sent you to doctors and psychiatrist to fix you. They locked you up, cut on you, and poisoned your body. This world made you feel you had to live the life of a woman. Your sister and countless others disowned you. It did not matter that it almost killed you. You can finally come home to your body now, and be whole.

I promise to be your voice.

To all those countless victims, violated, past and present. There are just too many to count. That even the United Nations has stepped up to try to stop the tragedy of it all.

I promise to be your voice.

To all my dear intersex friends, who have been violated just as horrifically. Your human rights taken from you, because there were no laws to protect your body.

And now, you somehow survive to shout from the roof tops….

I promise to add my voice to your voice.

Together we will be heard!

This world simply has to stop.


Until our human rights are given, this Promise is made again for 2017!

By Mx. Anunnaki Ray

Republished again:

December 31st, 2016

(New Years Eve)

You can visit the original here:

Poem: I Promise to be Your Voice: My New Years Resolution for 2016.

To learn more about Intersex Human Rights Violations please go to:  

United Nations: Intersex Factsheet (Free And Equal)



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Four Recent Legal Cases of Intersex Human Rights Violations


Each and every day on Earth,  intersex children are being harmed by non-consensual genital corrective surgeries.  It is important that we learn the many names of intersex, because we are being called a “birth defect”, “disorder”, “syndrome” and “condition”, when we are simply born a variety human.  To learn about the many names of intersex you can go here:  Intersex is what it is….

Doctors call us a disorder, defect, or syndrome, when we are born. We are simply INTERSEX.   It is important to make these atrocities visible.  Only in becoming visible, can we change culture and end these tragedies.  Only two countries, Malta and Chile have made it against the law to do non-consensual “corrective surgeries on intersex children.  Even though the United Nations has declared these surgeries to end.


The Facebook page Intersex Awareness Day  shared these four tragedies on Human Rights Day December 10, 2016.    I now take the liberty to compile these FOUR in one blog to make more awareness:



In 2009, Christiane Völling won, for the first time, a legal case taken for so called “normalising” surgery without consent. The German national won €100,000 in reparations. Report by  You can read more about this case here: Christiane Völling: Hermaphrodite wins damage claim over removal of reproductive organs.



In 2013, interACT, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Crawford family took action against South Carolina for medical malpractice in performing unnecessary and irreversible surgery on a 16-month old child, M.C..  The child ended up identifying as the opposite gender assigned through surgery.  The case is, as yet, unresolved. You can read more about this case here:  InterACT Law and Policy and you can listen to the parents here: Gender Reassignment Surgery: Parents Sue Doctors For Making Their Intersex Child A Girl, Claiming Genital Mutilation.



In 2014, a Kenyan court ordered the government to issue a birth certificate to a 5-year old child who needed this to enjoy basic rights including attending school. In this article John Chigiti provides an update, nearly two years later.  You can read more about this case here: The Plight of the Intersex Child.

Quote: Children have a host of rights which include the right to privacy and bodily integrity and autonomy. On the other hand the parents have rights over the children and they are supposed to make decisions for the child. Where do the two competing rights meet? How are the parents and the guardians of intersex children supposed to exercise parental responsibility? How far can they stretch so as not to violate the rights of their intersex children? The approach to the legal dynamics is very different when dealing with children of a category like the intersex.



In a shocking 2016 judgement, the Australian Family Court stated that parents were entitled to approve the sterilisation of their 5-year old child, and it was unconcerned with earlier surgery that “enhanced the appearance of her female genitalia”. Case report by Organisation Intersex International Australia.  You can read more bout this case here: The Family Court case Re: Carla (Medical procedure) [2016] FamCA 7.

I end this awareness with this important quote from 17th Karmapa: 

Gender identities ~ 17th Karmapa

Our ideas about what it means to be a woman or a man – that is, our gender constructs – are given meaning and importance in our day-to-day reality. Gender identities permeate so much of our experience that it is easy to forget that they are just ideas – ideas created to categorize human beings. Nevertheless, the categories of masculine and feminine are often treated as if they were eternal truths. But they are not. They have no objective reality. Because gender is a concept, it is a product of our mind – and has no absolute existence that is separate from the mind that conceives of it. Gender categories are not inherently real in and of themselves.
17th Karmapa

from the book “The Heart Is Noble: Changing the World from the Inside Out”

The United Nations Fact Sheet on Intersex




To learn more about the many names of intersex you can go here: 

Intersex Is what it is….