Why did I name myself Anunnaki Ray?


 (Pronounced:  ah NEW nock ee Ray; Nickname:  Nnaki)

I am often asked, where does my name come from?  What does my name mean?

Here is my short answer

This blog updated October 21st, 2018; after my TEDx Jacksonville, this 20th.  

Born Intersex:  We are REAL. We EXIST.  We are HUMAN!:

I have never felt from this world, due to being an outcast in so many ways.  As a child, I was taught that only typical girls and boys were allowed to exist.  That we are all defined by our birth certificates.  I was given a clear message that I had to abide by these rules or become an outcast.  As a child, I learned that my very existence had become too controversial.  So, I took on the name of an alien civilization and made it my own, “Anunnaki”.   I will feel like a human when this Earth’s governments and medical complex gives us intersex people human rights.

It is slowly happening.  In 2017, I prove to the Board of Ethics of my hospital, and to Florida court that my true biological sex is intersex and not a disorder.  This September 17th, 2018, I received the first intersex birth certificate in Colorado.  Now every intersex child born, and intersex adult born in Colorado will now have this option if they want it.  I am slowly feeling more human as I create my own restitution, after being violated being assigned wrong at my birth, and after emancipating my true gender identity.  By creating my own human rights I change this world for the intersex children born to it.

Here is the long answer: 

I was an unusual teen “girl”, due to hormonal fluctuations that few understood, a body that was not typically female or typically male, and a mind that was clearly not neurotypical.  I grew up in the 80’s, during the Punk and New Wave era.  In the 80’s Rockstars tested the limits with their androgyny and men could now wear make-up, grow their hair long, wear lace, feathers, and bows, and simply dress flamboyantly! Adam Ant of   Adam and the Ants, Boy George of Culture Club, and Pete Burns of Dead or Alive, were my favorite back then, and I often dressed similarly:


Adam and the Ants in the 80’s. 


Culture Club in the 80’s.



Dead or Alive, in the 80’s, with Pete Burns 

Due to being called a “tomboy” since four years old, many called me “Toni”, but the “i” at the end of Toni, insulted me.   I never felt like a girl so I was angry that they would end my name with an “i”.  So I would not allow my friends to use that nickname.  Since my feminine birth name did not make much sense appearing as I did many started to call me “Ant” in honor of my always dressing like Adam Ant.  It also ends up that “Ant” is the first three letters of my birth name.  So, to my parents, and closest friends I became Ant and remain so to this day.

When I decided to honor myself as my true gender, as agender non-conforming man, I knew I needed a different name.  I have also often joked that I have never felt of this world and that I feel like an alien visitor.   You can read here:  Why Do I feel like a Visiting Alien?  Therefore, I have always been interested in alien theories and my husband and I enjoy watching:  History: Ancient Aliens.


Ancient Mesopotamia images of the Anunnaki

Little did I know, but when I explored more about the Anunnaki, I learned that they were not only considered to be the alien/angels that visited our earth but that in Hopi,  Anu meant “Ant” and Nnaki meaning “Friend”.  So my nickname also became Nnaki (said:  Nockee).  I was astonished to see the parallel, since I was always known as “Ant”, since fourteen years old!

To further parallel this to my past, all my life I have been profoundly interested in Ancient Egypt.  Due to having intersex traits I have always been very interested in Akhenaten.   It ends up that some have theorized that the Pharoah Akhenaten might have been either intersex, transsexual or part alien even.  You can read this blog post about how this person believes Akhenaten was intersex: Akhenaten: A Medical Mystery.  Here you can read about how some feel he had Akhenaten and Marfan’s Syndrome too.  To those who don’t know, Marfan’s Syndrome is a form of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome,  a condition that doctors have said I have.  There is speculation that Akhenaten became pregnant and might have given birth also.   Please read about how I had babies, and I am a man’s gender: I am a Seahorse Dad.  I also mention in “I am a Seahorse Dad”, about one other intersex man who gave birth to his daughter; I give a link to him.   So, knowing who I am, and other intersex people who are similar to me,  in that they too have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome too, it is totally possible that Akhenaten was indeed an intersex man who gave birth to his own children.

As for the name “Ray”, part of my birth name was Rae; and it only made sense to masculinize it with a “y”, since I would now legally male.  Ray also can mean “Ray of Light” for “enlightenment”, and it is my hope to enlighten this world about intersex people.  So, there it was obvious, after reclaiming my true gender, my name should become Anunnaki Ray

Supporting Excerpts that I want to reference:

“Artistic representations of Akhenaten give him a strikingly bizarre appearance, with slender limbs, a protruding belly and wide hips, giving rise to controversial theories such as that he may have actually been a woman masquerading as a man, or that he was a hermaphrodite or had some other intersex condition. The fact that Akhenaten had several children argues against these suggestions. It has also been suggested that he suffered from Marfan’s syndrome.”

Taken from: Akenaten – Ancient Egypt Wiki- Wkia

Images of Ahkenaten 


Images of Ahkenaten 


“It is interesting to note that the Babylonian sky god was named Anu. The Hopi word for “ant” is also anu, and the Hopi root word naki means “friends.” Thus, the Hopi Anu-naki, or “ant friends,” may have been the same as the Sumerian Annunaki—the beings who once came to Earth from the heavens.” Oct 13, 2013

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 9.02.36 AM.png

Taken from: Ancient Origins: Reconstructing The Story of Humany’s Past


Here are two more interesting links:

Found: King Anunnaki’s body: 12,000 Years old and completely intact

The Ant People of the Hopi | Ancient Orgins 

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Shared on social media; and crossed my path Feb. 25, 2017. 

The Anunnaki have Landed!  


You can read more about me here: About Mx. Anunnaki Ray

The two of us born intersex and named Antoinette at our birth.

Why do I feel like A VISITING ALIEN?

Poem: The Alien and the Empty Bucket


I finally got to see Adam Ant Live on February 2nd, 2017 at The Florida Theater in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.  More serendipity:  I would be picked to speak for Jacksonville TEDx this October, 20th at The Florida Theater.  I get to help change this world on the very stage I see Adam Ant Live for the first time. 

Here is my TEDxTalk: Born Intersex: we are human! 

The above pictures added to this blog on October 21st, 2018.  The day after TEDx Jacksonville.


Additional Update July 12th, 2022:  I am currently a All Faith Seminarian at Meadville Lombard Theological School as a Master Divinity Student.  This summer, I am taking a class at Chicago Theological Seminary, Two very different visions: Jewish and Christian Interpretation.  In this class, I have learned of the ancient Enuma Elish, a Babylonian Creation Story talks about The Anunnaki and the creation of the first human, “Adam” who was born Androgynos (intersex).  Soon after the creation of this intersex person, The Anunnaki split this person into two equal halves, male and female, to create “Eve.”   Showing that males and females were to be treated equally.  More importantly that humans started out as intersex. The Ancient Talmud of Judaism also acknowledges intersex existence.   I think we could all learn much from studying the past and not allow the current intersex erasure that is allowed to happen.  

Here is the term paper I wrote for this class: More than Two Sexes Exist in Jewish and Christian Scripture: Male, Female, and Intersex in the Image of God.

Anunnaki as written in Ancient Sumerian Cuneiform

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