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While I sit in Facebook Jail

While I sit in Facebook Jail.

My thoughts: To every single endosex/cisgender/heterosexual who talks about us intersex people to get “wows” and “laughs” and views at our expense.  And worse, by using the wrong language, but Facebook doesn’t take you down. Maybe you will someday figure out there is an intersex person’s heart on the other side of your words watching and listening without your knowing it.

Enjoy the attention you get, at our expense; and maybe someday you will apologize. If you ever wake up to what you just did.

Nothing about us without us.

For the right language: United Nations Intersex Fact Sheet. 

Created by JohnPavlovitz
Created by JohnPavlovitz

The above image is what brought the haters attacking my page. Saying that we are burning in hell and sinning. Then the page was shut down to “limited views”. This is exactly what was posted with that image:

#LGBTQAI+ #HumanRights #FreeAndEqual #Bible #Christians#Gay #Lesbian #Bisexual #Transgender
Created by #JohnPavlovitz

A book to read: “What the Bible Really Says about Homosexuality”:…/dp/188636009X

To every single “Christian” hater, who hates LGBTQIA+ people, and turned in the Rainbow Human Rights Community Page in when I shared this message above, that obviously did not break community standards, but the page was still penalized and shut down. You will not win.  Love always wins.  Good always wins.  God always wins.

United Nations Free and Equal.

Said at the end of my TEDx Talk.  Born Intersex: we are human! 

This is our future colage .png

This is our future​​ – that our intersex births will be​ ​celebrated again​​.

This is our future​​ – that my world becomes your world, and that your world can now become​ our world.

That what is​ between our legs​​ no longer determines our gender identity, whom we

should love​​, or how we should all dress​​.

That all people born to be given the ​same self-determination of their own

personal GENDER IDENTITY, ​​and that each and every one of us becomes FREE & Equal.

This is our future​​ – that this ​GENDER BINARY ideal END​​. That the truth be told now.  Help us ​end CULTURAL DYSPHORIA​​.

No one should ​feel like they don’t belong to their own world.





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