Answers to Common Questions I am Asked

  1. What happened to you? Anunnaki shares his life story
  2. How did you get your intersex Birth Certificate?  I am Proudly the First in Colorado to get an Intersex Birth Certificate
  3. Where your genitals surgically violated? No, but I am a survivor of being assigned the wrong gender at birth.  Surviving ‘Psychic Mutilation’, and how I was psychiatrically and medically violated and erased.
  4. Why did you not get an intersex birth certificate when you were born?  My thoughts about the Third Gender Box, Gender Neutral or Gender X
  5. Are you married?  I was born perfect, and I am lovable. Thank you, United Nations.
  6. If you were so sick and disabled, why didn’t you die? How I Saved My Life as a Biologically Born Disabled Intersex Person.
  7. What are your preferred pronouns? Mx. Anunnaki Ray and They, Them, Their
  8. Why did I name myself Anunnaki Ray?
  9. What is your birth name? The two of us, born intersex and named ‘Antoinette’ at our birth.
  10. Am I Transgender? Can an intersex person be transgender?
  11. What work are you doing with PFLAG? Why I feel INTERSEX should be added to the LGBTQ rainbow.
  12. How do you help the Intersex Movement? I am a Bridge Builder
  13. Why did you name yourself Anunnaki? Why do I feel like A VISITING ALIEN?
  14. What is your biological sex?  What gender are you? The Difference Between my Biological Sex and My Gender.
  15. Why was I diagnosed with GENDER DYSPHORIA?
  16. What did you say to Dr. Phil?  Why I said ‘no’ to Dr. Phil.
  17. When is it ok to ask me about my genitals?
  18. Are my Husband and I Gay Men Now? How We Became Sexual Minorities, Our Intersex Love Story.
  19. Were you a mother? I am a SEAHORSE Dad
  20. Do you have a brand or symbol that represents you? The Creation of My Seahorse, and what he means to me.
  21. Do I pass? What Gender am I?
  22. Do you like dressing up as a pirate?  Poem: I am a Gender Pirate  
  23. Why do you like using “MOGAI”, instead of LGBTQIA+?  I will now use MOGAI instead of LGBTQIA+

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