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When the Colors of this Rainbow Fight

I am a Gender/Intersex Activist. I entered this world to help you change things. and yet I am excluded, talked badly about, and hurt by your lies. When the Colors of this Rainbow fight, it hurts this world, not just me. I am a Gender/Intersex Activist. I was hurt by this world like you were,… Continue reading When the Colors of this Rainbow Fight



As an emerging intersex activist, I have sadly witnessed a divide among the intersex community. I do not have to give details or specific incidences. My only suggestion, is let’s try to work as a team, let’s try to be accountable for our actions, let’s try to make amends, and accept amends.  I do NOT… Continue reading I am a BRIDGE BUILDER

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Why I said ‘no’ to Dr. Phil.

What a Ride! I watched a November 2015 Dr. Phil show episode entitled, Mama's Little Boy or Daddy's Little Girl: Identity Confusion or Brainwashing?. The reason I’m giving that show space in my blog is to illustrate the way NOT to advocate for intersex human rights, and I almost got coerced into it.   The show’s… Continue reading Why I said ‘no’ to Dr. Phil.

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My First Talk

Here is my first talk with Judi Herring, M.D., where I share  my life story in September 2015: "Listen with Care: Build Bridges of Understanding" ~.V.~ You can also follow Facebook Public Page, where I share my blog, latest intersex news,  and educate: Mx. ANUNNAKI RAY, Gender/INTERSEX Activist ~.V.~ I am also one of the… Continue reading My First Talk