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Poem: I am a Gender Pirate

  I come to you in feather and lace No, I am not a cultural disgrace I am a part of this gender race I do not care if I am misplaced I love my beauty and being handsome too I am a Gender Pirate My Body and Mind were Born this way I will… Continue reading Poem: I am a Gender Pirate

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Poem: Your Open Mind

Telling me you have an open mind makes you think you are safe and that you will allow yourself to be friends with me. I am a minority: INTERSEX  GENDER NONCONFORMING GAY MAN  ♥ With a friendly smile, you tell me you have no problem with how I live my life. It made me worry… Continue reading Poem: Your Open Mind

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Poem: I am a cliff climber

No words need to be said. Yes, it is utterly and horrifically overwhelming at times I rarely get a break And once again Over and over again Shoved off the cliff I am a cliff climber  After fifty years I am damn good at it too At least now I know I am not alone… Continue reading Poem: I am a cliff climber

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Poem: Little Baby in Africa

Little baby in Africa, So innocent, so new. Born both, to a world that disgraces you and mistakes your birth a curse. Your mother who just gave birth,  in pain, yet has to run with you and hide you from the snares of evil and those who want to do you both harm. Please know… Continue reading Poem: Little Baby in Africa


My Poem: I am the Storm

  I am the Storm. The Unforgivable. I put this world on its head now. When I decided to no longer remain silent, my blood family turned me into the living dead. As Hurricane Irma approaches I realized once more that life can be short. When I appeared a woman to this world, so sick… Continue reading My Poem: I am the Storm

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The Alphabet of HUMAN SEXUALITY: A through Z

The Alphabet of  HUMAN SEXUALITY:   A through Z  This A through Z list includes a mixture of ways to describe, Biological Sex, Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Sexual Orientation, Romantic Orientation, Affectionate Orientation, Kink, Fetish Culture, a few miscellaneous labels, and some labels that are socially taboo!     A Asexual     Agender  … Continue reading The Alphabet of HUMAN SEXUALITY: A through Z

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If this is not eugenics and genocide what is it?

Here is something that should not go unspoken anymore:  The plan for the extinction of us intersex people: If they can't abort us when detected in-utero, when we are born they will make us infertile. If we are a risk of appearing homosexual to this world, they will cut off our parts, and create parts.… Continue reading If this is not eugenics and genocide what is it?

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Poem: Somebody else was in control

  They told me I had to be a girl. Can you imagine being told you are a girl? Somebody else was in control.  At three years old, they told me my body could never pass as a boy. Can you imagine being told your body is wrong at three? Somebody else was in control.… Continue reading Poem: Somebody else was in control