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Poem: I am a cliff climber


No words need to be said.

Yes, it is utterly and horrifically overwhelming at times

I rarely get a break

And once again

Over and over again

Shoved off the cliff

I am a cliff climber 

After fifty years I am damn good at it too

At least now I know

I am not alone


No words need to be said


Mx. Anunnaki Ray
November 27, 2017



I found this picture (above). Photograph Credits: Gordon Wiltsie/National Geographic/Caters News.  It was the best in describing how I feel today.
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Poem: Little Baby in Africa

Little baby in Africa,

So innocent, so new.

Born both, to a world that disgraces you and mistakes your birth a curse.

Your mother who just gave birth,  in pain, yet has to run with you and hide you

from the snares of evil and those who want to do you both harm.

Please know we are praying for you both.

May God and heaven’s angels

protect you always from harm.

May your life and your genital integrity

be always yours.

My tears fall for you.

Please know I fight for you.

May this world become yours and keep you safe always.


By Mx. Anunnaki Ray 

Intersex Day of Remembrance and Solidarity

November, 8th, 2017  


United Nations Intersex Fact Sheet

Poem: I Promise to Be Your Voice











Poem: My Rocketship



My Rocketship

I have been Erased, Disgraced, Questioned and Squashed
I have been Bullied, Beaten, Raped and Defeated
Even those who loved me have hurt me
Teased, Exploited, and Poisoned
This world treated me in such a way where I don’t even feel I am from your planet
Its authorities trying to prove me wrong
I used to sing your song
No more.
I have risen from the ashes
Born again
I take off in my Rocketship
show the


By Mx. Anunnaki Ray
October 30, 2017


Dedicated to Conchita Wurst – Rise like a Phoenix (Lyric Video).

Conchita Wurst – “Be the best version of yourself rather than a bad copy of someone else!”




My Poem: I am the Storm



I am the Storm.

The Unforgivable.

I put this world on its head now.

When I decided to no longer remain silent, my blood family turned me into the living dead.

As Hurricane Irma approaches I realized once more that life can be short.

When I appeared a woman to this world, so sick in my hospital bed, it was no different then.  I was dying I was alone then too.

My very being mortified you back then like it does now!

My only crime being born different.

I am the Storm.

The Unforgivable.

I put this world on its head now.

I embarrass you don’t I?

There is no concern because I am the living dead to you. 

And yet here I am writing this about you!   

I am your brother you refuse to meet.

Why do I even allow you to rent space in my mind? 

I wonder what Karma is like for such ass holes.

I am the storm

because I prove your lies are lies!


By Mx. Anunnaki Ray

September 9th, 2017

Note: Hurrican Irma will be hitting my area, here in Florida, September 9th, 2017.  To the best of our ability, my family hopes to be safe.  Remember, together we change this world. Together we are the storm. 

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The Alphabet of HUMAN SEXUALITY: A through Z


The Alphabet of  HUMAN SEXUALITY:  

A through Z 

This A through Z list includes a mixture of ways to describe, Biological Sex, Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Sexual Orientation, Romantic Orientation, Affectionate Orientation, Kink, Fetish Culture, a few miscellaneous labels, and some labels that are socially taboo!  



Asexual     Agender    Ally    Androgynosexual     Androsexual     Autosexual    Aromantic     Androgynous    Androgyny


Bi-sexual    Bi-Gender    Beastiality  Butch Lesbian  Bear   

Bi-romantic  BDSM Pride


Cis-gender    Ceterosexual    Ceteromantic    Cross Dresser


Dyadic    Demifluid    Demigender   Demiguy   Demigirl  

 Demisexual    Demiromantic   Drag Queen    Drag King


Endosex    Erotic Fetishism   Erotopathic


Fat Fetish Pride  Femme


Gay    Gender Fluid    Gender Queer   Gender Conforming  

Gender Non-conforming   Greyromantic


Homosexual   Heterosexual  Heteroromantic  Homoromantic  



Intersex    Intergender   Intersexual


Jazbo     Jerk Jamby     Johnnie


Kink Culture   Kleptolagnia


Lesbian     Lipstick Lesbian    Leather Fetish Pride


Multi-gender    Metrosexual   Masculine   Master-Slave Fetish Pride


Neuter   Neutrois    Non-romantic   Non-conforming Gender  

Non-Binary Gender


Oragenitalism   Objectum Sexuals  Objectophilia Object Sexuality  

Ownership  Fetish Pride


Pangender    Pansexual    Polymory    Pomosexual    Polysexual   

Promiscuous    Prostitute   Panromantic   Puppy Pride


Queer    Questioning    Queen


Rubber Fetish Pride


Sex    Sapiosexual   Self Erotica   Sexual Fetishism    

Straight Ally


Transgender    Transmasculine   Transexual   Tri-gender  

Two-spirted   Twink


Undinism   Urophilia  Unattached   UFO’s  


Virgen    Vampirism   Vestiphile


Wacker    Wackomantic    Wagtail


Xenophile  X-Dresser


Yanking   Yentz   Yodeler


Zoomania  Zoophilia


By Mx. Anunnaki Ray 

August 24, 2017

A note to reader:

I list everything, no matter how taboo, but did not include many that are out right offensive.  Also, ‘Hermaphrodite’ should never be used unless given permission by the person who is intersex; It is considered stigmatizing to some intersex people, so take care.  Last, I add “ally” and “straight ally”, because sometimes when our allies love us marginalized sexual minorities they become accomplices and often receive hate and prejudice too. 


  1. Helpful LGBTQIA+ Definitions and Human Sexuality (With Flags and Symbols)
  3. Gender Wiki 



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If this is not eugenics and genocide what is it?

Stop the Eugenics and Genocide of Intersex

Here is something that should not go unspoken anymore: 

The plan for the extinction of us intersex people: If they can’t abort us when detected in-utero, when we are born they will make us infertile. If we are a risk of appearing homosexual to this world, they will cut off our parts, and create parts. Worse, these atrocities and human rights violations are all socially justified. If we appear non-conforming gender, they will make sure we are unemployable, be rejected by homeless shelters, and we will starve. There are far more things that make it impossible to survive, but this short list sums it up nicely. If this is not eugenics and genocide, what is it?

Articles that you may want to read regarding this: 
Selective Intersex Abortions: XXY 74%, Indeterminate Sex 47%, Hypospadias 2%
Why I’m Disturbed by Screening for Intersex Traits in Utero
Here is the United Nations’ Intersex Fact Sheet


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Five ways I show that the Male/Female Binary is a Myth, and a Social Construct. Nature has always Created Sexual Variety and Diversity.



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Poem: Somebody else was in control



They told me I had to be a girl.

Can you imagine being told you are a girl?

Somebody else was in control. 

At three years old, they told me my body could never pass as a boy.

Can you imagine being told your body is wrong at three?

Somebody else was in control.

So, as a teen, they locked me up for months at a time.

Stuffed poison into my body, to numb the pain.

I became a walking zombie.

Diagnosing me the sick one.

The wrong one.

The broken one.



Somebody stepped inside my soul.

Little by little they robbed and stole.

Somebody else was in control.

So, a girl emerged to please you.    


A lifetime wasted

I saved myself and emerged my birth right.

And now we have no family.

Because they think I am the wrong one.

You liars, you convinced this world! 

I have a will for survival.

So you can hurt me, and hurt me some more

I can live with denial

But you’re not my troubles anymore.

By Anunnaki Ray

July 18th, 2017


Dedicated to U2 – The Troubles

(This link will take you to Youtube).