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Poem: Interbeing, so precious with Thay

I am told by Thay there is no birth, no death Yet, our lives are so short So precious I am told by Thay to lift my enemies up to the clouds Yet, they disregard my being So precious I am told by Thay we are interbeing Yet, they build fences, disregard, and hate in… Continue reading Poem: Interbeing, so precious with Thay

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Poem: No coming No going

I wanted to be free from birthI didn't realize I already wasNo comingNo goingThay tells us with joyNo birthNo deathit is not to annoy impermanence We were never bornbecause we were always herewe will never diebecause we transformnothing lostnothing gone transformation My existence will live onin your memoryin written formin my message tothis world nothing… Continue reading Poem: No coming No going

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Poem: A Gestational Father on Seahorse Day!

You were stuck Inside of me They had to free you, as you kicked my ribs to get out They cut you out of me so you could breathe life Some shamed me for it Saying I was somehow less than all women With their actions, or lack of actions They are afraid to stand… Continue reading Poem: A Gestational Father on Seahorse Day!

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Poem: You are a man, I am a man.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com We are similar but we are not the same You are a man, I am a man You say that is the same No There is more Our world erased me so you don't even know there is more You are man, I am a man I fathered your children… Continue reading Poem: You are a man, I am a man.

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Poem: I am a MAN with a Vagina

I am a Proud Hermaphrodite I am a MAN with a Vagina not the girl your world coerced me to be You ask...... Is it my Penis? Is it my Phallus? Is it my Clitoris? Is it my Phalloclitoris? Is it my Micropenis? Is it my Microphallus? Is it Clitoromegaly? Is it a Pseudo-Penis? Does… Continue reading Poem: I am a MAN with a Vagina



EXPLOITED! YOU!how dare you benefit unfairly from our existence as rare YOU!exploited us fully, and you took advantage of all of us YOU!the sideshow ringmaster YOU!the grand rounds physician YOU!are the one calling yourself our savioras you make us your roadshow YOU!even called me your my friendto get into our world EXPLOITED! Nothing about us… Continue reading Poem: EXPLOITED!

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Poem: A Right of Passage

A Right of Passage To allow yourself the freedom to become. To end all inner conflict and fear. To invite yourself home. To love yourself enough to do it. A Right of Passage Many will die if they remain invisible in the mirror. Medical necessity for many is it for you? If yes, a special… Continue reading Poem: A Right of Passage