Anunnaki’s Gender Etiquette 101

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Here are the “Gender Etiquette 101”, messages that I have created and have shared on social media: 

Gender Etiquette 101 | Grammar and What Not to Say

Gender Identity and Sexual Identity | Gender Etiquette 101

Human Diversity | Endosex and Intersex | We are all valid.

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Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 9.42.01 PMScreen Shot 2020-06-29 at 9.41.35 PMNote on Pronuns:  Some people do not mind saying “preferred pronouns, and might even be so pronoun fluid that any pronouns is okay to describe them.  So, always ask.

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Gender Etiquette 101 Sex and Gender are Not the Same | Intersex Birth Certificate

Gender Etiquette 101 | Intersex Gender Identity

Gender Etiquette 101 XXY and CAH My life My choice

Gender Etiquette 101 Conflating Sex with Gender

Pink and Blue Gender Etiquette 101

Assigned Wrong Binary Myth | Intersex and Transgender

Gender Etiquette 101 More than two sexes | Intersex Birth Certificates

Gender Etiquette 101 | CARES CAH XX Boys and Men

An Intersex Person Can have any gender identity.

Gender Etiquette 101. SEX and GENDER are Different Check Boxes

MOGAI Definition - Gender Etiquette 101

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An Intersex Person can have any gender identity





humans come with many different labels

Gender Etiquette 101 Woman's Penis Man's Vagina


Gender Etiquette 101 Please Stop Saying

Gender Etiquette 101 Please Say Intersex Natural Bodily Varations

No Body is Shameful with feather


Intersex Human Rights LGBTQIA+ GenderEtiquette 101


Gender Etiquette 101 Transphobia and Intersexphobia

Gender Etiquette 101 Misgender

Gender Etiquette 101 Genitals do not tell a person's gender.


Gender Etiquette 101 Genital Surgery


Gender Etiquette 101 Cisgender

Gender Etiquette 101 PINK AND BLUE
There is no color for GENDER.
Correct Genitals in the bathroom
Just Let People Pee in Peace.

Gender is a Spectrum

What Determines Your Gender?
Self-Determination of Gender is a HUMAN RIGHT.
Educate Society.
Don't Ask A Stranger
It is easy to be polite.
Respect Terminology
Self-Determination is a Human Right.
Gender Etiquette 101 Phalloclitoris and Micropenis Stop The Comments
Some things are just wrong.

Gender Etiquette 101 Any Gender

Gender Etiquette 101 Let's Divide, So This Makes More Sense

Put and End to Cultural Dysphoria!


Who has the right to decide your gender?
Educate and Free this World.
An Intersex Person can be any gender.
It is best to ask.

We are born Babies not boys or girls.

Some of us do not want surgery

Like Anyone else, an intersex person can have any sexual orientation

Gender Etiquette 101 Gender is Not a Choice:Bathrooms

Gender Etiquette 101 How well I %22pass%22 does not determine my bathroom

Everyone Has Their Own Story

Gender Etiquette 101- It is very rude to say

Sex is about bodies.  Gender is about identities  Gender Etiquette 101












Gender Etiquette 101 Misgendering