Intersex Poems and Artwork By Others


Poems and Artwork from others to help change this world:

Inventor of the Indivisibility Flag for Inclusion: 

The Indivisibility Flag Created For June Pride Month 2021 | By Eliana Rubashkyn (they/them)

Poems by Intersex Survivors

1. An Anonymous Poem, From a Parent of an Intersex Child: She Had No Voice

                                        My poem inspired by the one above: I Promise To Be Your Voice

2. Intersex Poem  By Mo Cortez, Intersex Advocate

3. I am an Intersex Girl   By Joey (an intersex young girl)

4. A poem from an intersex survivor of genital cosmetic corrective surgery: Ode to a life. By Heidi Walcutt

5. Poem: To be a Fighter  By Julien Franke

6. Poem: I’m Not    By Alex Rae 

7. Poem: Born Purple   By Er. Andrea V. Boisseau

8. Poem: I see Your Soul  By F.I. Goldhaber 

9. Poem: Enter I* By Gabriel Filpi 

10. Poem: Castle By Aleksander Beryozkin 

11. Poem: Them By Sara Kaplan (The mother of an intersex child)

12. Poem: SCARS By Sarah Hobbs | Intersex Survivor 

Intersex Artwork:

  1. Painting: Intersex Activism | By Mx. Chris Nicholson