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Poem: March Forth, without you.

As you lay there dying, You gave me my marching orders: "We are Knights at the Round Table. I must die now and You must live on." I knew it would be my last night with you. I stayed awake the entire night.  Candles of rainbow colors burn in the dark room with only the… Continue reading Poem: March Forth, without you.

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Poem: Father’s Day is Your Day

An Orange Ribbon for Leukemia Father's Day is your day I will never want to share it with you Mother's Day is now Seahorse Day That is my day because I am your husband now I could not have done it without you You gave me your sperm with love that created our babies with… Continue reading Poem: Father’s Day is Your Day

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My husband’s message to me and the world.

James has been in my life for so long I can't imagine a day when he was not in my life. When a relationship lasts this long, it is as if they become a part of you literally. Especially after surviving my transistion, from woman to man and him saying and convincing me he now… Continue reading My husband’s message to me and the world.