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Poem: I am sick, too.

I close my eyes and walk in the past To your waterfall, I am at peace at last My body with fever, my throat razor blades My head is hurting, my mind in a haze The thick goo in my throat breaking with meds Hoping it doesn't travel any lower please go away and no… Continue reading Poem: I am sick, too.

Hope, Short Messages

5/5/5 Better Breathing for Crises | Covid19

I know that many of us are suffering from great anxiety and outright anxiety attacks right now.   I want to share with you a breathing technique that has helped me greatly during times of crisis and panic. When we are in panic oxygen doesn't get to our brain as well due to not breathing… Continue reading 5/5/5 Better Breathing for Crises | Covid19

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A Zen Koan: The winter of my life.

All my life false and real, right and wrong tangled Playing with the moon, ridiculing wind, listening to birds Many years wasted seeing the mountain covered with snow This winter I suddenly realize snow makes a mountain. - Eihel Dogen For those who do not know, this is an example of a Koan.  A Koan… Continue reading A Zen Koan: The winter of my life.