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How I became pronoun fluid at four years old.

  Four years ago today I emancipated my true gender identity to nonconforming gay androgynous man.  As of December 19th, I am officially FOUR years old. Four years old, you say?  How can that be?   Well, in the transgender community we often count our birthday from the date we started our transition against our… Continue reading How I became pronoun fluid at four years old.



As an emerging intersex activist, I have sadly witnessed a divide among the intersex community. I do not have to give details or specific incidences. My only suggestion, is let’s try to work as a team, let’s try to be accountable for our actions, let’s try to make amends, and accept amends.  I do NOT… Continue reading I am a BRIDGE BUILDER

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I am an Emerging Gender/Intersex Activist

As an intersex survivor, it is my commitment to join other intersex or social activist, in helping  to show this world that little intersex children should not be harmed any more.  I am now dedicated to do this with Judi Herring, M.D., and with the new friendships,  mentorship  and wisdom of several intersex activists who… Continue reading I am an Emerging Gender/Intersex Activist