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Gender, Sex and Orientation Over(your)lap

By Jim Costich  December 2018 Being gay is not just a sexual orientation.  It's a gender.  Or rather there are different genders of gay.  This surprised a friend of mine who is a tad new to gay culture.  He didn't realize that among gay men gendered pronouns change in mid-sentence such as: "We had the worst… Continue reading Gender, Sex and Orientation Over(your)lap

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The Female Penis & The Male Vagnia

My own personal genital nonconformity, for me, brings a whole new meaning to being a gender nonconformist.  The way I see my vagina is a boy's vagina if it belongs to me, and I am legally a man now.  If a beautiful woman happens to have a penis, it is her penis.  Calling her penis… Continue reading The Female Penis & The Male Vagnia

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When a MAN wants to KEEP HIS VAGINA

First of all, I am not an expert, but I do legally live as an intersex man now and I do have two X chromosomes,  a vagina, ovaries, and uterus.  So, I have life experience living with a gender variant intersex body and happily doing so.  I am an intersex person who describes themselves as… Continue reading When a MAN wants to KEEP HIS VAGINA

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Poem: Over 50% would have died.

Over 50% would have died. I just survived what most would not have. No I do not like this world. It is a cruel and cold place for intersex people and transgender people. Most would not have switched their gender to save their lives. I can't respect that. I just survived what most wouldn't have.… Continue reading Poem: Over 50% would have died.

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Am I Transgender? Can an intersex person be transgender?

Before I answer, below,  if I am transgender, or can an intersex person be transgender, let me educate about five things first.  Biological Sex,  Transgender, Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Secondary Sex Characteristics.  You can read more here too: LGBTQIA+ Definitions of Human Sexuality. BIOLOGICAL SEX:  Biological Sex: It is typically assigned, at birth, by the… Continue reading Am I Transgender? Can an intersex person be transgender?