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Human Sexuality is Diverse & Greater Than the Binary

Created by Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez

Shared on Facebook January 9, 20201:

All humans can be assigned wrong at birth. I saw another version of this floating around and took the liberty to make it more gender diverse and intersex friendly.
Not all people assigned wrong at birth are transgender. Not all people assigned wrong at birth are in the wrong body. We are all valid in our gender identity regardless of our need for sex reassigning surgery or our rejection of these surgeries.

As an intersex activist, I hope that no intersex child is forced into cosmetic, medically unnecessary, sex reassigning surgeries before the age of consent. Even a transgender child may or may not be in the wrong body. Yes, some of us assigned wrong at birth are in the wrong body, but not all of us. I like to teach: No Body Is Shameful.

My message to this world is that our genitals do not create our gender identity since gender identity is an internal feeling and how we believe we are men/boys, women/girls, both or neither. Doing surgeries on an infant’s genitals doesn’t create a #heterosexual child either.
The way that I see it, homophobia and transphobia seem to be a driving force around these early surgical interventions on innocent intersex children. Before making permanent sex changes to their body, we need to wait for the child to be old enough to consent and hopefully not do it because of binary coercion.

A man or a woman can have any chromosomes, genitals, reproductive system, or hormones. We can have any gender identity, any sexual orientation, and any gender expression. There are countless terms to describe human sexuality.Regardless of our being born with endosex traits or intersex traits, we all deserve the right to self-determination over our own sexuality and how we grow up to define it or possibly change it.

Bottom line, I believe that if we are to help intersex babies, we have to stop conflating #sextraits with gender identity and realize some of us want to exist as nonconforming and non-binary people. Man does not equal endosex male, and Woman does not equal endosex female. SexEducation has to evolve to include all of us: LGBTQIA+

We are all valid in the way we define ourselves sexually. HumanDiversity is beautiful!
Helpful Definition of Human Sexuality with Flags

My idea: How medical forms could respect everyone.

Sex and Gender are two different things.
Shared on Social media January 2021


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