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What do you do on Mother’s Day when your mom becomes your dad? HAPPY SEAHORSE DAY! A Holiday Created by My Family.


In the summer of 2015, I finally was legally recognized as the male gender  This was after appearing an intersex female in this world for forty-six years.  You see, I was born with intersex natural bodily variations.

Mother’s Day came upon us, and what do we do now, our kids now have two dads!  Our kids  now call me “Vader”, German for a father.  As a family, we did not want to give up this special holiday.

Although my husband and I, suffered from much pregnancy loss, I am proud to share, that with the help of medical intervention, I was finally able to have two biological children.  We adopted our youngest, and I joke that she was by far the easiest pregnancy!

I appeared female in this world when my husband and I had our babies. Testosterone blockers, and doing everything female had turned me into a beautiful woman.

2014 before I reclaimed my true gender. 


Having to remove facial hair, and male body hair, I  obviously was never a typical female.  But I was also not the bearded woman.   I blog about having babies, and about our adoption here: I am a Seahorse Dad

So now, in our home, what do we celebrate instead of Mother’s Day?


A day we created together as a family in 2015.  In case you did not know  the seahorse father is the one to  give birth. I am so proud of my three kids’, whom honor this day for me.



My first seahorses given as a gift, from a dear friend, honoring our first “SEAHORSE DAY”. It hangs in my room to this day.

I'm A SEAHORSE Dad  Message with Initials on Seahorse

Above, I also created my own seahorse.  Here I explain the special symbolism of my seahorse: The Creation of My Seahorse and what he means to me.

My first “Seahorse Day” card, from my three children. This card is absolutely my favorite I have ever received!:

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 10.28.24 PM


Cartoon Borrowed from: Beatrice the Biologist


For this blog, I am deeply honored to also take this opportunity to CELEBRATE TRHEE FATHERS who also gave birth, and a beautiful transgender woman:

Here is a blog post, from: INTERSEX ROADSHOW, by Cary G. Costello, Ph.D..  An intersex, transgender guy, who also had a baby girl: Intersex Fertility

Cary G Costello, Ph.D.:

“My daughter was not of woman born. That is a concept that has fascinated people through the ages.

My daughter’s gestation was perfectly “natural,” I should point out–but I carried her, and I was never of the female sex; I am diagnosed as “true gonadal intersex.” I was assigned female at birth, and was living as such when I gave birth to her, but I never identified as a woman, and am now legally male.

A lot of myths circulate around the topic of intersex fertility, many of them perpetuated by doctors. They all relate to the current Western insistence on the ideology of sex dyadism. That ideology holds that there are two and only two sexes, and that this is required by “nature” in order to perpetuate the human species. In fact, sex is a spectrum (see here and here for more information). About one in 150 people has some intersex characteristic. However, in contemporary Western society we are hidden away, medically “corrected,” erased. And often this erasure is bound up in rhetoric about fertility.”

Below are also the stories of two Transgender men who have also had babies.


I am certain, that there are many, many other transgender men, who have kept their stories private, that I did not mention here. With much respect for them too!

Thomas Beatie


Picture of Thomas Beatie on The Oprah Winfrey Show

The Pregnant Man’s Life Today | Where Are They Now? | Oprah Winfrey Network

The Pregnant Man | Pregnant Man’s Diary:



Transgender Parents Speak Out About What Makes a Family

Transgender Parents who conceived two sons Naturally, on 20/20:


Together we change culture, together we change this world.




Together we change culture, together we change this world.

A card made in my honor, by Queer-Pebuku! Thank you!

There Facebook post to me May, 8th, 2016:

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 4.10.01 PM.png

A note PABUKU wrote me on Facebook, in 2015, regarding wanting to do this:

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 8.37.18 AM

Here is their Facebook page: Pabuku


Happy Seahorse Day 2019

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Magdalena Ventura 1631 with Anunnaki and James 2018
Magdalena Ventura with her husband and son, 1631 with modern-day​: Anunnaki and James, 2018

Happy Seahorse Day 2020


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