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Leelah, I promise to be your voice | Rest in Power 2020

She is not here to speak up, so I will speak up for her in her memory year after year. On social media each year, I share her memory. This year I made this message, using her suicide letter to us. Until society changes, I will remind all of us that society needs to change.… Continue reading Leelah, I promise to be your voice | Rest in Power 2020

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Examples of Transphobia, Queerphobia, ​Intersexphobia & Homophobia

    The following are examples of Transphobic attitudes (note that sometimes these examples below can be examples of Queerphobia too): The belief/insistence that trans women are not "real women" The belief/insistence that trans men are not "real men". The belief/insistence that non-binary genders are invalid and do not exist. The belief/insistence that transsexual people… Continue reading Examples of Transphobia, Queerphobia, ​Intersexphobia & Homophobia

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Stop Erasing us.

Stop erasing us. MX. ANUNNAKI RAY, GENDER/INTERSEX ACTIVIST·MONDAY, JUNE 5, 2017 It is always interesting to me how some people would rather end a relationship, and sometimes end a long term friendship, than try to find in their hearts room for another type of person or culture. I become raw with it all. It doesn't… Continue reading Stop Erasing us.

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Poem: Over 50% would have died.

Over 50% would have died. I just survived what most would not have. No I do not like this world. It is a cruel and cold place for intersex people and transgender people. Most would not have switched their gender to save their lives. I can't respect that. I just survived what most wouldn't have.… Continue reading Poem: Over 50% would have died.

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What I believe:

I believe that the Self-Determination of Gender is a human right for all humans.  Gender to me, is like our personality.  It has nothing to do with our genitals, reproductive systems, chromosomes or hormones.  Therefore a woman can have a female penis, and a man can have a man's vagina.  I also believe that if… Continue reading What I believe:

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I want a better world, so I climb this mountain alone.

I want a better world. But this world is so wicked. Few can stand by me with the same wish. They break. They run. They hide. I want a better world! I climb this mountain alone! They say if I get to the top I can be heard. But those who are in fear, bring… Continue reading I want a better world, so I climb this mountain alone.

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City Council Man, Tommy Hazouri

  City Council Man, Tommy Hazouri, is going to help us in meeting with the Human Rights Comissioner of Jacksonville, Florida. MX. ANUNNAKI RAY, GENDER/INTERSEX ACTIVIST·WEDNESDAY, MAY 11, 201619 Reads: On May 9th, I was given an entire hour with City Council Man Tommy Hazourie and his secretary, Jennifer Busby. I brought my husband for… Continue reading City Council Man, Tommy Hazouri

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Chop chop chop…and I get to hug the little children chopped on.

    As an INTERSEX ACTIVIST: Yesterday, I got to help a mom of an 8 year old child find a doctor. You know why? Because their daughter is an outcast now and not all doctors are "safe" now.   You know why, their daughter is an outcast? Because their daughter was born with a… Continue reading Chop chop chop…and I get to hug the little children chopped on.


Poem: I hide my rage!

I HIDE MY RAGE!  As an Activist, I am on the front lines of a war. I won't walk away, or escape through that door. It is in front of me day in and day out and I do it without pay. * I see the pain, I talk to the people who are hurting… Continue reading Poem: I hide my rage!

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I am an Emerging Gender/Intersex Activist

As an intersex survivor, it is my commitment to join other intersex or social activist, in helping  to show this world that little intersex children should not be harmed any more.  I am now dedicated to do this with Judi Herring, M.D., and with the new friendships,  mentorship  and wisdom of several intersex activists who… Continue reading I am an Emerging Gender/Intersex Activist