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Dear Medical Complex and Government, Gestational Fathers Exist!

Dear Medical Complex and Government, My son and daughter are biologically related to both of their parents. We are two men, a gestational dad, and a seminal father. You see, I am an intersex man. I am not a woman.I am not female. We are not the only family like this. Please update your forms immediately! Your prejudice… Continue reading Dear Medical Complex and Government, Gestational Fathers Exist!

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Poem: Shamed into silence – eugenics

Shamed into silence A form of eugenics without killing us Shamed into silence Then cut us and create infertility to fit your binary notions Shamed into silence So we do not talk about our bodies to anyone - hush, you say with your M.D. and Ph.D.! Shamed into silence The government, with its patriarchy, colonialism,… Continue reading Poem: Shamed into silence – eugenics

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Poem: The Alien and the Empty Bucket

    I am 100% alien, until law says otherwise I could die without my human rights African American Slaves  were called animals Law had to finally say otherwise The Civil Rights movement changed things Black Lives Matter They are human • If I die with human dignity having full human rights It will have… Continue reading Poem: The Alien and the Empty Bucket

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City Council Man, Tommy Hazouri

  City Council Man, Tommy Hazouri, is going to help us in meeting with the Human Rights Comissioner of Jacksonville, Florida. MX. ANUNNAKI RAY, GENDER/INTERSEX ACTIVIST·WEDNESDAY, MAY 11, 201619 Reads: On May 9th, I was given an entire hour with City Council Man Tommy Hazourie and his secretary, Jennifer Busby. I brought my husband for… Continue reading City Council Man, Tommy Hazouri