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Leelah, I promise to be your voice | Rest in Power 2020

She is not here to speak up, so I will speak up for her in her memory year after year. On social media each year, I share her memory. This year I made this message, using her suicide letter to us. Until society changes, I will remind all of us that society needs to change.

I had just come out of the closet when Leelah committed suicide on December 28, 2014. I was raw, scared, facing countless people rejecting me too. My heart broke while her heart broke. I almost did not make it. I know this pain. So many of us know this pain. This pain has no age.

Leelah’s story represents millions of transgender kids, teens, and adults rejected each year by their families. Her suicide is not rare. Rest in Power, Leelah. Your death matters and has been counted. You are loved and never forgotten.

My death needs to mean something. My death needs to be counted in the number of transgender people who commit suicide this year. I want someone to look at that number and say “that’s fucked up” and fix it. Fix society. Please.”

Leelah Alcorn’s last words to us.

Poems I have written:

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