Poem: I hide my rage!



As an Activist, I am on the front lines of a war.
I won’t walk away, or escape through that door.
It is in front of me day
in and day
and I do it
without pay.
I see the pain, I talk to the people who are hurting daily.
I grieve those who have died or who were murdered.
I grieve for the babies whose genitals are surgically messed up.
I try to comfort the mother or father who was lied to…
and with tears in their eyes
 they hold their baby who was violated
As an Activist, I am on the front lines of a war.
I sometimes wonder if I can take any more.
It is in front of me day in and day out.
I see how this world messed up bad by not educating you about us.
Those of power and influence
trying to erase a part of humanity.
A few of us won’t be silent no more.
So as a marginalized person

I have to disregard my rage, my sadness, and my overwhelming pain……..

and educate you.

Because if I don’t

 you will not listen.

Now that is the

epitome of entitlement.


I will try to do it calmly

for the intersex and transgender babies born
into a
world that wants to erase them too.


By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez

April, 18th, 2016 


The above picture is to: Poem: I Promise to Be Your Voice: My New Year Resolution for 2016


STOP IGM!  = Intersex Genital Mutilation 

Fix Society with Angel Feather
Our Hope for a Better World.



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