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PFLAG Rockford Chapter is the 2nd to become INTERSEX Inclusive.

I am excited to announce, and celebrate that  PFLAG Rockford Illinois is the second PFLAG Chapter to responsibly include intersex.   My chapter, PFLAG of Jacksonville is the first.  This happening after they made me their Director of Gender/INTERSEX Education.  It is my goal now to help other PFLAG chapters add the “I” responsibly.

While traveling to the PFLAG’s National conference in Portland, this October 2017, I met Phyllis Gallisath the Founder and President of PFLAG Rockford Chapter.   It was one of those serendipitous moments, where we discovered ourselves sitting on the plane together during my connection in Chicago.  We introduced ourselves and quickly learned that we were both headed to the same conference!  This was the beginning of a new and amazing relationship and some very long educational discussions around intersex.

During that time Phyllis opened her heart and her mind while learning the differences between LGBTQ and the special needs of us intersex people.  While also seeing that a good number of us intersex people and parents of intersex kids, are without inclusive community and supports due also identifying as LGBTQ+.

I gave my presentation at the National Conference, as a workshop, and during it, I talk about adding the “I” responsibility to LGBTQ+.   It is very important to me that the “I” is added with full responsibility and not carelessly.  My job going to PFLAG’s National conference was in honor of all us intersex people and the parents of intersex kids.  I am very excited to be doing this work!   This would not be happening without my friends and supporters from Jacksonville PFLAG Chapter, so a huge thank you to them too!

Thank you, Phylis, for making your PFLAG Chapter the second!



Founder & President of Rockford PFLAG Chapter: Phyllis Gallisath with me at the airport traveling to the National PFLAG Conference in Oregon, 2017.


PFLAG Rockford Chapter
PFLAG Rockford Chapter
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PFLAG Rockford Chapter

You can “like” their facebook page:  PFLAG Rockford Chapter

Here is their website: PFLAG Rockford Chapter

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Making History! PFLAG of Jacksonville, Florida, includes INTERSEX.

Garry Bevel President, PFLAG of Jacksonville, and Frieda Saraga, Board of Directors, and Founding Board Member of PFLAG of Jacksonville, have been absolutely amazing to work with.   Both have accepted me, with open arms, and have listen with care, when I felt intersex should not be left out by the acronyms LGBT or LGBTQ.   They have not only listened with care, they have acted on it.

On January 19th, PFLAG of Jacksonville, made it possible for me to educate our city by giving  a presentation about the importance of intersex inclusion, and how to do that responsibly.

After that talk, they clearly could now see the need  in this city for the parents of intersex children, as well as us intersex adults, needing more support here.  So, today I have agreed to serve as PFLAG of Jacksonville’s  Director of Intersex and Gender Education!  



Left to right:  Mx. Anunnaki Ray, Garry Bevel, President PFLAG of Jacksonville,  and Frieda Saraga, Board of Directors, and Founding Board Member.  The Yellow and Purple flag is the Intersex  Flag, that was created in Australia, that I have chosen to promote here in the USA too.  Please “like” on Facebook:  PFLAG of Jacksonville


You can read more about my position here: 

Mx. Anunnaki Ray, Director of Intersex and Gender Education for PFLAG of Jacksonville

Position Description and Purpose:   About those who are born intersex and the common language used in speaking about intersex lives. Raise awareness about intersex human rights and how those rights are often violated. Offer outreach and support for the parents of intersex babies, or children, in Jacksonville, and guide them to the appropriate organizations that will reinforce Self-Determination of gender of their intersex child.  This is to avoid misinformed, unnecessary, and non-consensual medical intervention, saving physical and emotional lives.

My Goal and Objectives:  Educate PFLAG about the importance of intersex inclusion, and how to include intersex responsibly; while including the understanding of the prevalence of intersex, and erasure of intersex experiences. Distinguish intersex (natural bodily variations, from typical male and female dyadic biological sex), sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and gender expression.  Provide workshops and training to PFLAG of Jacksonville and their local agencies.

Strategies and Evidence-Based Support:

  1. United Nations Intersex Fact Sheet:  
  2. Oii USA, and Executive Director Hida Viloria:  (
  3. InterACT, Advocates for Intersex Youth (
  4. Additional support from, Judi Herring, M.D.

Tasks initiatives:

Promote the use of common, affirming language, in regards to descriptions of gender and  sexual minorities.  This would include:  Biological sex (Dyadic Sex and Intersex), Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression.  Encourage shifts in medical and business cultural humility and intersex inclusion.

Memories of my PFLAG Presentation on January 19th, 2017:



For this PFLAG presentation I also played two videos:  Judi Herring, M.D.’s, TEDx TALK:  Gender Bound, Lessons From the World Between, and Dr. Tiger Devore’s Interface Project Message “No Body is Shameful”.  Everyone also received an Intersex Fact Sheet, from the United Nations.  


Here is my autobiography: About Mx. Anunnaki Ray

Book Mx. Anunnaki Ray To Come Speak

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  3. The difference between transgender and intersex and the harm that wrong language can bring
  4. INTERSEX Erasure Hurts! Examples of Misguidance from Doctors.
  5. Doctors call us a disorder, defect, or syndrome, when we are born. We are simply INTERSEX.

Please “like” on Facebook:  PFLAG of Jacksonville

If you would like to responsibly add the “I”, I look forward to guiding you:




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When the Colors of this Rainbow Fight

I am a Gender/Intersex Activist.

I entered this world to help you change things.

and yet I am excluded, talked badly about, and hurt by your lies.

When the Colors of this Rainbow fight,

it hurts this world, not just me.


I am a Gender/Intersex Activist.

I was hurt by this world like you were, but in a different way.

This world shit on us both.

Both of us made to feel broken,

because like you, they tried to fix me.

When the Colors of this Rainbow fight,

it hurts this world, not just me.

Please Stop!


I am a Gender/Intersex Activist.

I want the corrective surgeries on intersex babies to stop,

just like you do.

So why would you step on me?

Why would you stand in my way?

Why would you say lies about me?

Why would your heart be filled with so much hate,

and you try to publicly hurt me?


When the Colors of this Rainbow fight,

it hurts this world not just me.


I come in PEACE.

I come in HOPE.

I come with LOVE.

I am making an impact.

I educate this world about our Human Rights.

I am changing this world.

Not just for me,  for all of us.

For the babies.


So please end your phobias, your fear,

and learn to walk together.

Stand on this Bridge with me.

I truly hope your heart will heal.

So we can help these babies together.


When the Colors of this Rainbow fight,

it hurts this world not just me.

Please Stop.

We are Human.

By Mx. Anunnaki Ray

July, 17th 2016


My promise to this world:  

Poem: I Promise to Be Your Voice: My New Year Resolution for 2016

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13731564_522305577965585_5457799191404629325_n-1If You Have Been Brutaly Broken... Nikita Gill

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Christian Theologian Megan K. DeFranza, A True Ally and Bridge Builder

I have had the pleasure to speak to Megan DeFranza personally, and it was such a relief to hear a Christian person speak to me without my morals, my very being, being judged, or assumed to be an abomination. Megan is a bridge builder. She is helping the Christian community to learn about us, to not be afraid of us, and that it is ok to even love us.

Megan has clearly taken the time to learn about people who are intersex, and has learned much from Leanne Simon (In include the link to them here), and intersex activist and writer. Megan has also taken the time to talk to Judi Herring, M.D. The creator of the TEDx: Gender Bound Messages from the World Between. Not to mention, obviously listening with care to many more of us, out here, who were born intersex. It was a pleasure to connect with Megan personally.

Megan is clearly a bridge builder between the Christian Community, in understanding those of us born Intersex, with intersex traits, or differences of sexual development. She has written this book: “Sex Difference in Christian Theology”, and is clearly making a difference, in teaching this world the truth around genital mutilation, and the horrors of what has happened to so many of us intersex people, and how religion is sadly a part of that. It is Megan’s hope that this world change to stop all the tragedies. Again, I personally thank her for her contribution in changing culture and making this a better world for intersex babies born to it.  Here is her book:

Sex Difference in Christian Theology: Male, Female, and Intersex in the Image of God


Quote: “How different are men and women? When does it matter to us — or to God? Are male and female the only two options? In Sex Difference in Christian Theology Megan DeFranza explores such questions in light of the Bible, theology, and science.

Many Christians, entrenched in culture wars over sexual ethics, are either ignorant of the existence of intersex persons or avoid the inherent challenge they bring to the assumption that everybody is born after the pattern of either Adam or Eve. DeFranza argues, from a conservative theological standpoint, that all people are made in the image of God — male, female, and intersex — and that we must listen to and learn from the voices of the intersexed among us.”

Here is an article written by Benjamin L. Corey about Megan DeFranza: If God Only Made Male and Female, What about Interex?

Quote: “I think I’ve heard the phrase “in the beginning God made them male and female” a hundred times in response to the sex/gender discussions of our time. The phrase works like a trump card to win a theological discussion on anything from LGBTQ issues to how Target should organize their toys. However, each time I hear someone say “God made male and female” as if that’s all he made, the question that comes to my mind each time is: “What about those whose bodies are intersex?””:






Tibetan Saying Tragedy Should Be...

As an emerging intersex activist, I have sadly witnessed a divide among the intersex community. I do not have to give details or specific incidences. My only suggestion, is let’s try to work as a team, let’s try to be accountable for our actions, let’s try to make amends, and accept amends.  I do NOT want to pick sides.  I am an emerging Gender/INTERSEX Activist.

I have sadly witnessed a divide among the Intersex community, and the LGBT+ community too. I do not have to give details to specific incidences. My suggestion, is that we join forces. A larger platform and a larger voice, get voices heard, and it is finally happening! So many are seeing that the “I” is not invisible no more. LGBTQIA+.

By doing my best to listen with care….

I try to maintain a diplomatic approach when talking to multiple personalities.

I am building a bridge.

I am trying to connect the world’s intersex communities together.

I am building a bridge.

I am trying to connect the other sexual minorities, to the intersex people of this world, and I am succeeding.

I am building a bridge.

I am trying to connect with government officials, and those who need to educate about us.

I am building a bridge.

By being honest, and my authentic self, it is my hope that people will see for themselves my true intentions, and help me to give voice to those who have no voice.

This is not a popularity contest to me.  Each and every intersex activist is a blessing to this world and if you have friended me, and shared your wisdom with me, THANK YOU!

So far, I have not made money doing any of my activist work.  If I ever do make money, it will go back into this effort to end these tragedies.   Anything I have done so far has cost my family money.

For me, this is about saving lives. Ending the torture, the surgeries, the wrong assignment of gender. Ending the prejudice, fear and hate, by educating.

To those of you who already stand on this bridge, how amazing this is becoming! The POWER of becoming ONE WHOLE PEOPLE.


The one thing that is truly clear, on this Bridge, is that everyone is


Be it if we have been born Intersex, Male, female, LGB or T, our color, age, or religion…..the list of human variety goes on A to Z!


So at the end of the day I can conclude that….. WOW, everyone is the same, just different in ways that should not matter so much.

…. So, help me build this bridge.

WE ARE HUMAN with Feather


I have many pages on this website, please visit them. If you want your organization, group, website, book, article, flag, or anything else included here that you feel would be helpful in building this bridge, please contact me:

Here are the pages I welcome you to contribute to if I have missed something.

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Human Rights Violations, Questions and Answers, Self-Determination

I am an Emerging Gender/Intersex Activist


As an intersex survivor, it is my commitment to join other intersex or social activist, in helping  to show this world that little intersex children should not be harmed any more.  I am now dedicated to do this with Judi Herring, M.D., and with the new friendships,  mentorship  and wisdom of several intersex activists who walk before me.  You know who you are, and I thank you for your love, believing in me, and encouraging my efforts.

I now know that gender is one’s own conception of who they are.  Gender is like our personality and it can only be self-determined.  Gender is not in our genitals, reproductive system, hormones, or chromosomes.  At the birth of an intersex infant, the guessing of our gender has to stop, because too many irreversible errors are being made.  Too many lives being violated, I was one of many.  These tragedies continue all over the world to this day.

I feel that a baby born with intersex traits has the right to self-determination of their own gender.  There is no way a doctor, a team of experts, or that child’s parent could possibly know the gender of their intersex child when they are an infant.  This means that mistakes are often made.  Lives are being destroyed with good intentions.


It is my dream, that the things that happened to me, and the horrific things that have happened to others, who were surgically, hormonally, or psychiatrically violated, become a thing of the past.  It is my dream that intersex people are celebrated once again.  That we are left to be the way we are born, and that this world creates a better place for all of us.  That if we want medical interventions it is left to us, not our doctors, our parents or society.

I am excited to collaborate this effort  with Judi Herring M.D..  Our paths crossed, almost a year after she had created her TEDx, “Gender Bound, Lessons From the World Between”:

It was the most amazing day to be paired with a person who could help me give me my voice back.  I was assigned female at birth, and I had to be taught that I was a girl at the age of three and four years old. Some would call what I went through “conversion therapy”.   At this tender age, I knew I was of the male gender already, but was told I was wrong. The consequences of this lead to significant physical disability and  medical  violation.   Here is the link to our first talk together, where I share my story for the first time September 2015: Listen with Care: Build Bridges of Understanding.



Together, and with the help of other intersex activists and new friends, I hope to get the message right.  Again, I try to show this world that self-determination is the best way.   It is now time that intersex people (infants and children) receive their human rights, and  be able to choose what is done to their bodies hormonally and surgically, and be given choices.  Of course, there are those rare times, when medical health risks are involved, and an intersex infant/person has to undergo treatment, but those incidences are very rare.  Corrective genital surgeries, and the surgical assignment of gender, is never a medical emergency.  After so many lives destroyed, it has become imperative that self-determination is up to the intersex infant/child/adult.  It is their life, their genitals, their body, their fertility, and their gender.

I finally captured the attention of our government officials here in Jacksonville, Florida:  It is my hope, I can make a difference to our city, to this world.

I welcome you to follow this journey.

Fix Society with Angel Feather
Hope for a Better World.

Educational Intersex Videos, Websites, Blogs, Authors, and Articles.

World Wide Advocacy & Support For Intersex and Transgender People