My Poem: I am the Storm

t I am the Storm. The Unforgivable. I put this world on its head now. When I decided to no longer remain silent, my blood family turned me into the living dead. As Hurricane Irma approaches I realized once more that life can be short. When I appeared a woman to this world, so sick… Continue reading My Poem: I am the Storm


Poem: I hide my rage!

I HIDE MY RAGE!  As an Activist, I am on the front lines of a war. I won't walk away, or escape through that door. It is in front of me day in and day out and I do it without pay. * I see the pain, I talk to the people who are hurting… Continue reading Poem: I hide my rage!

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Poem: I Will Sing My Song

I Will Sing My Song How could you see my angel wings, you were blind, you could not sing. I was locked in a Cage. How could you see that I was special, they had lied to you, they told you I was all wrong and you believed them. You locked me up, and let… Continue reading Poem: I Will Sing My Song