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Chop chop chop…and I get to hug the little children chopped on.




As an INTERSEX ACTIVIST: Yesterday, I got to help a mom of an 8 year old child find a doctor. You know why? Because their daughter is an outcast now and not all doctors are “safe” now.   You know why, their daughter is an outcast? Because their daughter was born with a penis.

And guess what, doctors (this world’s culture) surgically turned her into a boy as a baby. And guess what?  They were not a boy.

So she now needs a safe doctor that won’t chop, chop, chop, some more, and will understand she is intersex and not transgender.  Who will respect her gender, with her having a penis.

Now society tells her daughter, she is born in the wrong body.  Now the schools have a problem, and the bathrooms have a problem.  The government has a problem….  Now the friends and family of this child have a problem….

I get to deal with this, non-stop……… Boys with vaginas, and girls with penis….and it breaks my heart.

You know why?  Because I do not feel they were born in the wrong body. Like many intersex activists, I believe:

“No Body is Shameful”

(Quote used for Interface Project)

And then I get to see the “dysphoria” and pain with transgender friends. So many who think they are born in the wrong body too.

So many feeling this male/female binary is THE TRUTH, and that we have to chop on ourselves and dress this way and that way… this way and that way…..go to this bathroom or that bathroom….to “pass” this inspection…..and I truly see the INSANITY of it all……and can hardly cope at times with it all.

But I do cope with it all.  Day in and day out, and I  remain an activist and I do not give up on this world……mostly to just educate those who are reachable.

Yes, I agree with Self Determination. If that means MOST want to conform, I get that.


There are a BUTT LOAD of us who are sick and tired of this male/female binary.  We feel it is a myth.  A myth that almost took my life, and has taken the lives of others.

We do not want to conform. I won’t even say I am “non-binary” again. You know why? Because it admits there is a binary.  I am nonconforming, I am interegender, I am androgynous and I finally can be proud of my intersex body.


I just wish this world would realize that it is not flat.  That the male/female binary is causing the eugenics of intersex babies.

Chop chop chop……which leads to suicides…. and taking away fertility….

Chop chop chop….that takes away choice, and sexual sensation and joy……

I get to hug the little children who are chopped on.   I get to show the parent’s that we are loveable.  I get to help the parents, with tears in their eyes, when they learn they too were lied to.

Please, give me strength, God, to do this work and to help End Cultural Dysphoria.

Fix Society with Angel Feather
Hope for a Better World.
(Un)Know Gender Judi Herring, M.D.
Hope for a Better World. Judi Herring, M.D.

A list to find support: World Wide Advocacy & Support For Intersex and Transgender People


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