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A New Important Word: Endosex

An important new word that honors the existence of intersex people: “ENDOSEX” A person is ENDOSEX if not born with INTERSEX physiology. Both can be assigned wrong At birth.  Both can change their gender identity or sex traits, and be valid in who theybecome. A human being can be of any gender identity, man, woman, both or neither,… Continue reading A New Important Word: Endosex

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My sex is not my gender identity.

Thoughts of the day: Not all intersex people are nonbinary. Not all intersex people use "intersex" to define their physiology. Some do, and some do not. Some like being called "hermaphrodite," and some do not. I'm a hermaphrodite. I'm okay with being called a hermaphrodite. My sex traits are intersex. My physiology is intersex. My… Continue reading My sex is not my gender identity.

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A Call for Action: Against Anti-Youth Transgender Bills

Many anti-youth transgender bills have exclusions that promote the continued surgical harm of innocent intersex kids.   In these bills, they will call an intersex child a“disorder of sex development” and wrongfully justify continuing to do cosmetic, medically unnecessary surgeries on non-consenting children. All children, endosex or intersex, deserve self-determination over their own bodies.   Trans youth, and intersex babies/children,… Continue reading A Call for Action: Against Anti-Youth Transgender Bills

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My ‘Love What Matters’ Article: I’m a Gestational Father My article for 'Love What Matters' By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez | February 9th, 2022 | Edited by Sonia Beltz ~.V.~

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Poem: A Right of Passage

A Right of Passage To allow yourself the freedom to become. To end all inner conflict and fear. To invite yourself home. To love yourself enough to do it. A Right of Passage Many will die if they remain invisible in the mirror. Medical necessity for many is it for you? If yes, a special… Continue reading Poem: A Right of Passage