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Why trans hate, transphobia and homophobia are​ hurting millions of intersex kids.

If you can, please take note of all the organizations that support CAH (Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia and The Cares Foundation), XXY/Klinefelter’s Syndrome Organizations, and even Hypospadias Organizations. When you visit them, you will sadly see that all of them utterly deny that we can have intersectionality with LGBTQ+, transgender and queer people on their websites. This prejudice spilling over to lack of support and LGBTQ+ acceptance going to our parent and adult support groups too.
First of all 46XX, CAH Intersex with most organizations almost ALWAYS assumed we have to be girls, and XXY and Klinefelter Organizations almost always assumed they have to be boys. Hypospadias organizations assume that all those XY kids are boys too! When we now know this is absolutely not the truth about how gender identity unfolds with those variations of intersex.
Sometimes we do not agree with these expert’s decisions to assign us this gender identity or that one.  Our mere existence proves that 46XX CAH boys exist, XXY girls exist too, and some people with hypospadias feel their true gender identity is that of a woman or girl.
Worse, when we go against our birth assignment or come out LGBTQ+ in some other way, we more than not lose the support of those organizations. Especially if we go against our birth assignment needing to transition and appear transgender.
Not to mention the prejudice we face with our church, schools, doctors, hospitals, society, family, and friends. It is typical that we will suffer a landslide of rejection and condemnation! All at a time that we might be feeling the most vulnerable and even suicidal about our wrong assignment at birth.
So! This Wednesday is an educational note on transphobia, trans hate, queerphobia, and homophobia and how it hurts intersex kids when assigned wrong.   Help me change this world please so that all intersex children get self-determination over their own gender identity and without prejudice.
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