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Poem: Her, him and me.


She died so that I could live.

Her spirit literally moved over in surrender and in peace.

Do you get what I just told you?

My son was told she would be gone by 2015.

His spirit guide was right.

Our kids now have two dads.

I never dreamed as a woman.

Telling a child who they are will never work.

I split into three.  

Her, him and me.

Her beautiful facade to hide the musk stink of a man.

Tiger telling me I had to love myself as intersex

or be miserable or for the rest of my life.

When I came to you to tell you my truth.

You told me I had lied and deceived you.

No, they lied and deceived you.

We were both lied to

by the invention of


By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez 

October 10th, 2019



Bringing notice to an amazing artist and sculpture that celebrates the human diversity of genitals.  

Vielma – Vielfältige Materialien

Vielma Art:
Vielma Art:


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