Human Rights, Self-Determination, Short Messages


The way I see it there are two problems with all birth certificates with nonconsenting babies:
First of all, a child can not give consent yet. A Birth Certificate assigned by the choice of an expert at our birth or giving the choice to our parents take away the right of the child.  It totally and completely discounts the opinion of the child who has no voice yet.  I believe that our self-determination over our own gender identity is about our human right to decide on our own when we grow up.
Second, birth certificates also often assume that SEX and GENDER are conflated and are the SAME thing when they are not always.
Three examples of SEX and GENDER not matching:
1) My Intersex Birth Certificate defines my sex, not my Gender as a Nonconforming MAN.  Like many of humans, my sex and gender do not match and I am ok with that.
2) Many transgender people do not match their birth certificates either unless they find surgery necessary or live in a state that does not require surgery to match their sex with their gender.
3) A baby being born with intersex genitals or reproductive system doesn’t match the male-female binary ideal either.  Worse, they may even be subjected to forced unnecessary corrective genital surgery to be recognized for a male or female only birth certificate.  
My Solution:
Stop assigning SEX or GENDER on a birth certificate and just announce a LIVE BIRTH.
If the world governments truly need us crammed into categories let us please wait until the age of consent!  
Let us grow up to decide for ourselves if we want a male, female, gender-neutral, gender X, gender nonconforming, or intersex birth certificate.  Most importantly let us decide for ourselves, as consenting adults, who we are and rather or not we find gender confirmation surgeries or sex reassigning genital surgeries necessary too.   Only in this way is self-determination honored and the rights of the child and all humans respected.

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