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Poem: I will try to heal this pink and blue sick world.


The universe put me here to help heal this pink and blue sick world.

As a little kid, I knew but did not know.  I was afraid to know.   

And yet the Holy ones let me know.

When I denied the truth I became very sick in every way.  I became the walking dead.

I never felt I belonged to this world. 

I am not unique there are many among you.

We have walked among you since the first humans have walked the Earth.

But, if I am true to myself, by taking off the mask, and ending the gender performance, this would mean that I am an outcast.   The taboo, the hated.  

But I faced certain death if I did not awaken from the slumber you put me in. 

I surrendered to the process.

I awakened, she died, and I was allowed my birthright finally.

My purpose was given to me by an angel and soon others followed with their angel wings to stand with me.

Those of us who are born taboo.  We work to change this world.

We are the ones initiated from the other side.  

We used to be celebrated…..all of us.

Yet today there is no ceremony for us.  No parade, no party, no acknowledgment.  Not even a circus side-show.

I work tirelessly without pay.  Lucky to have a patron.  If not for my patron I would be hungry and on the streets.  If not for those who take my message to those in power and control I would not be heard.

The universe protects me well while I educate you, in hopes that you will fill your own pockets or become famous in my name, while I remain marginalized and in the shadows.

I am not alone.  We work tirelessly, not only for our own restitution but to make it a better world for you too.

You say, “change takes time”.

We say we don’t have time.

Babies being aborted, mutilated, erased and destroyed.  Hidden in the disguise of diagnosis, treatments, and fixes.

A binary that erases everyone not perfectly your shade of pink or blue.

All shades of yellow and purple destroyed, erased, or denied.  

Judged, medicated, labeled, diagnosed, and operated on.

We are to be fixed, you say!

Eugenics and Genocide are happening right before our eyes.  Our biological sex erased and denied.

Laying on surgery tables wanting to abide to what you say we should be.

In recovery after our surgical deaths.   

Too young to understand, tied to our beds so we won’t pick at our surgical wounds.

Wishing our spirits could fly away, but stuck here to suffer in your pink and blue world. 

Tears scream, drowned out by sedatives and drugs.  

Later turning into alcoholism, addiction, cutting, eating disorders and a community that fights and hates each other!

Yes, we learned well how not to trust.  

Then you wonder why your plan did not work, but too proud to stop it.  The latest and greatest technique paying for your mansions.

Deceived, abandoned by our moms and dads that could not protect us.  Our families disown us because we put the family name to shame.

You convinced them this was for our own good.  A psycho-social emergency you call it.  All because of homophobia!  Don’t deny you tried to cut the gay out, and it didn’t work!

To later be locked up in psychiatric hospitals, and their pills that would blocked out the spirit even more.

And yet now we know better.  I heard my calling.  I am sober now.  I am awake!

Human rights organizations come to the plea of those children too sedated to be heard.   Parents too brainwashed to come forth and to admit they did wrong doing their best.

To end some of the worse human rights violations known to this planet.

Will you please simply stop?

“it takes time”, you say……..

And then you walk into the operating room again to cut off our blue and make us your shade of pink.

Until this pink and blue world wakes up

I will be your teacher.



By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez

February 12th, 2019


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