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Finally, I am the man I was supposed to be.

I morn and grieve for that little boy who had no support.  Who was not allowed to emerge, who was told by his family and experts that he was a girl, that he had to be a girl.  I use to cry alot and feel despair that led to only suicide and self destruction. I… Continue reading Finally, I am the man I was supposed to be.

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Poem: The Invisible Space Boy

I tried to tell you I was a boy You even bought me trucks and drums for a toy The boys wouldn't play with me you dressed me in pink The girls wouldn't play with me not as a girl I did think ∇ You called me a "Tomboy" Toni would become my name But… Continue reading Poem: The Invisible Space Boy

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TEDx Video: Born Intersex: we are human!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpPTf-00ab0 The Source Page for my TEDx Talk. ~.V.~

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I am Proudly the First in Colorado to get an Intersex Birth Certificate

The day I receive my intersex birth certificate from Colorado.