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Intersex Day of Remembrance and Solidarity 2017

Intersex Day of Remembrance, also known as Intersex Solidarity Day, is an international awareness day that aims to draw attention to the issues faced by members of the intersex community. It is observed on November 8, marking the birth anniversary of Herculine Barbin.  Herculine was a hermaphrodite who wrote a memoir about their life and the tragedies they faced in the nineteenth century.

Today I will celebrate then and now, with an intersex child named Joey, who is getting the right to self-determine her own gender.  I too have emancipated my true gender and my right to self-determination.  The biggest problem we intersex people face is the forced assignment of gender as children, in the form of non-consensual genital surgeries, hormones, and psychiatric treatments.  Together we have to work to stop these atrocities.  To learn more about those of us born intersex, here is the United Nations Intersex Fact Sheet.

May we never forget that we walked among you then, and now.  The Self-Determination of our own Gender is our Human Right.


Herculine Barbin: Being the Recently Discovered Memoirs of a Nineteenth-century French Hermaphrodite

By Herculine Barbin, Richard McDougall (Translator), Michel Foucault(introduction):
“With an eye for the sensual bloom of young schoolgirls & the torrid style of the romantic novels of her day, Herculine Barbin tells the story of her life as a hermaphrodite. Herculine was designated female at birth. A pious girl in a Catholic orphanage, a bewildered adolescent enchanted by the ripening bodies of classmates, a passionate lover of a schoolmistress, she’s suddenly reclassified as male. Alone & desolate, he commits suicide, aged 30, in a miserable Paris attic. Here’s a lost voice of the sexual past in an erotic diary. Provocative, articulate, eerily prescient as she imagines her corpse under the probing instruments of scientists, Herculine brings a disturbing perspective to our notions of sexuality. Foucault, who discovered these memoirs in the archives of the French Department of Public Hygiene, presents them with the graphic medical descriptions of Herculine’s body before & after death. In a striking contrast, a painfully confused young person & the doctors who examine her try to sort out the nature of masculine & feminine at the dawn of the age of modern sexuality.”
“Herculine Barbin can be savored like a libertine novel. The ingenousness of Herculine, the passionate yet equivocal tenderness which thrusts her into the arms, even into the beds, of her companions, gives these pages a charm strangely erotic…Michel Foucault has a genius for bringing to light texts & reviving destinies outside the ordinary.”–Le Monde, 7/1978


The Intersex Flag 

Self-Determination Intersex Day of Solidarity Pirate Antonio Phoenix JPEG.jpg

Pirate Antonio Phoenix was born INTERSEX!

The Gift of Self-Determination with Joey and Pirate Antonio Phoenix JPEG

HAPPY Intersex Awareness Day 2017! Joey meets Pirate Antonio Phoenix AND Joey’s Gift: Self-Determination


Photography From Seth Langner at Karmathartic



Anunnaki Ray's Photographic Stories, Celebrations, Intersex Awareness, Self-Determination

Joey’s Gift: Self-Determination


Joey is an amazing spirit, child, and has pure innocence.   At nine years old she is very clear about her gender identity and embraces their feminine side, and yet still has a great passion for sports and aspirations to become a football player!   May this world awaken gently to allow such amazing children to grow, bloom and become.   It is her hope that she changes the rules of the NFL and that they will soon allow capable women!   Look out world!  Joey is coming!


Here is a message from Tiescha, Joey’s mother:

To watch a child grow into themselves is an remarkable journey to experience. Joey is an XY Intersex girl that embraces her feminine side along with naturally erasing the line in the sand of gender conformity.

She has a beautiful dream in life of seeing women join the NFL.  From an early age she found a lovely balance of enjoying fashion, dolls, baking, loving anything Hot Pink and playing football.  Any given day she walks in the house covered in dirt head to toe after hours of running slant routs, showers and puts on her Monster High PJ’s, plays with her doll house and works on her new fashion designs of Hot Pink dress with frills and sequins.  

I believe one day our Joey will help others make the dream of women in football real.  Her self-determination will take her there, not her chromosomes, or lack of testosterone production, her dream will get her there.  She believes in possibilities and we believe in her. She hopes to show other kids they can be who they are and it’s okay to be Intersex.  According to Joey it’s, okay to love football and play with Dolls, Pick flowers, and enjoy fishing, get a pedicure and play with bugs.



Here is a Facebook support for parents of intersex kids: Intersex Support for Parents  


Here is a message from Joey’s mother, Tiescha, explaining why they allowed Joey to share her aspirations with the world:

“In the past few years, Joey started to ask questions about herself that were somewhat complicated to answer as a parent. We evolved with her and started using resources online to articulate what we could not find words for. She rapidly became more self-aware and in the past year found peace with who she is. Her questions did not stop, she began to conduct her own searches online and wanted to meet other Intersex children. This lead to her wanting to help others in learning (In her words) “It’s okay to be Intersex.” As a baby Joey was subjected to surgery, she never had a say and her voice was stolen. We vowed to never allow this to happen again. She is now using her voice and has our unconditional support, love, and guidance.”


A picture of Joey as a baby. 

An Anonymous Message From a Parent of an intersex child: What happens with the bathrooms when she grows up?

An Anonymous letter from a parent; to National Geographic.

This message brought to you for INTERSEX Awareness Day 2017, with much gratitude to our h Seth Langner of Karmathartic



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HAPPY Intersex Awareness Day 2017! Joey meets Pirate Antonio Phoenix



Every Intersex Awareness Day is a very special day for me.  However, this year is far more special.  This year I would like to introduce a very brave little intersex girl named Joey.  To our amazement there we were in the same city!   Tiescha Thomasson is the amazing mother, my personal friend, and who is also the founder of the Facebook Group  Intersex Support for Parents.  I am the moderator and administrator to this group, where we gather with many important people in the intersex community to give support and guidance to the parents of intersex children.

You see, Tiesha’s daughter was born intersex.  With the blessing of her parents, she comes out to the world to show all her pride this year with me as my pirate persona Pirate Antonio Phoenix!   So now the world knows that Anunnaki merges forever with Antonio and for the intersex children I walk forth as both!   



Let me also share a message from Joey’s mother, Tiescha,  about how as parents they came to terms with agreeing to their daughter coming out to the world today.   Here is Tiesha’s message of giving Joey, her daughter, her blessing to come out to the world: 

In the past few years Joey started to ask questions about herself that were somewhat complicated to answer as a parent.

We evolved with her and started using resources online to articulate what we could not find words for.

She rapidly became more self-aware and in the past year found peace with who she is. Her questions did not stop, she began to conduct her own searches online and wanted to meet other Intersex children.

This lead to her wanting to help others in learning (In her words) “It’s okay to be Intersex.” As a baby Joey was subjected to surgery, she never had a say and her voice was stolen. We vowed to never allow this to happen again. She is now using her voice and has our unconditional support, love and guidance.


All pirates share their booty!

Here is a special coin I give to Joey!  Joey’s parents are giving their daughter the right to self-determination: Joey’s Gift: Self-Determination.  I am deeply honored to be a part this family’s life journey.



Joey, I promise to be there for your entire life journey.  To me, you are like a God Child, and I promise that am forever here to protect you.   This coin is a token to that promise.   You have now found yourself in my heart forever.


Note:  An intersex child named Nathaniel was the first to meet Pirate Antonio Phoenix, but he remains anonymous.  If you have an intersex or transgender child who would like to meet Pirate Antonio Phoenix you can e-mail me and we can visit Old St. Augustine, Florida together: 

This message brought to you for INTERSEX Awareness Day 2017, with much gratitude to our photographer Seth Langner of Karmathartic



Joey as a pirate for Halloween 2017 



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INTERSEX Erasure Hurts! Examples of Misguidance from Doctors.


Here are some examples of the misguidance doctors tell parents of intersex infants, and children, to reinforce that surgery is a must, when it rarely medically necessary:



Medical Misguidance: The most common thing I see happening is that doctors are not calling intersex infants, intersex. I am certain that this is in order to justify corrective surgeries. Instead, parents will often hear that their intersex baby was born with a disorder, a birth defect, a syndrome or a medical condition.

TRUTH: There are many variations of intersex and most do not require medical treatment at all. These three blogs will tell you about the many forms of intersex:  1)  Intersex is what it is; 2)   Doctors call us a disorder, defect, or syndrome, when we are born. We are simply Intersex.; and 3)  Seven Names for the SAME thing: Penis, Phallus, Clitoris, Phalloclitoris, Micropenis, Microphalus, and Clitoromegaly.


Medical Misguidance: The next most common fallacy I hear happening, is telling parents that all 46 XX are all female and girls, and 46 XY are all male and boys, and that having a Y chromosome creates the male gender.  This is simply not true.  I write about that here: Five ways I show that the Male/Female Binary is a Myth, and a Social Construct. Nature has always Created Sexual Variety and Diversity.

TRUTH: Real life experience proves that our Sex Chromosomes do not create our gender and there are many, many XX boys, and XY girls in the world; and a “Y” chromosome simply does not create the male gender; nor does having two X chromosomes. Bottom line, regardless of our sex chromosomes, some people are the male gender, some are the female gender, and some are a mixture of both, or neither.


My blog: 1 :150 Have Intersex Traits


Medical Misguidance: They tell parents that being born intersex is a “psycho-social emergency”! That surgery needs to be done to keep us from being prejudiced against, and that surgery will make us more lovable and desirable. You can read more about that here: Doctors call us a disorder, defect, or syndrome, when we are born. We are simply INTERSEX.

TRUTH: Surgery often takes away our fertility and our sexual sensation so that we can not orgasm later in life. Surgeries almost always break down, leaving a person with a life time of surgical repairs.  Also, surgeries often take a way body parts we wish we had not lost.  Sad to say, when gonads (ovaries and testicles) are removed, that should not have been, it will lead to a life time of dependence of synthetic hormones.  Something that would not have happened if the child had just simply been left alone.


Medical Misguidance: Some surgeons convince parents that it is a “sentence” to sit to pee as a boy/man.  For this reason alone corrective surgery to the penis is done.

TRUTH: Lots of typical males sit to pee by choice. Many males who are survivors of physical trauma and cancer of the penis have to sit to pee also. Many transgender men, have to sit to pee if they do not use a “Stand to Pee” device, or have surgery. Bottom line: Standing to pee does not make a man.  These surgeries often cause a loss of sensation, sexual dysfunction, and a life time of corrective surgeries, due to surgeries breaking down. You can read more about that here: FAR TOO FEW OF US ARE AWARE OF THE SPECIFIC HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS FACED BY MILLIONS OF INTERSEX PEOPLE


Medical Misguidance: Some doctors put the fear of homosexuality into their parents. Stating that if our genitals are surgically operated on we will somehow not appear gay or lesbian.

TRUTH: Sexual Orientation has nothing to do with our genitals. Sexual Orientation has to do with who we are sexually attracted too, want to fall in love with, and have sexual relationships with. Sexual Orientation has nothing to do with our reproductive organs, genitals, chromosomes, hormones. All the surgery in the world doesn’t take the “gay” out of someone. You can read more about that here: It is time to stop the “normalizing” genital surgery on intersex infants!  and I was born with an intersex body but this does not create my gender or my sexual orientation.


Medical Misguidance: In order to remove our “undesirable” parts, surgeons lie that our gonads (ovaries or testicles) will develop cancers, when there is no proven medical truth around this fear. They also tell parents that a girl can not have a penis, or a large clitoris, or that a boys can not have a vagina. Among many other things, they also often say that a penis that is tied down, can’t enjoy sex; or that a man could never be happy with such a small penis. They are so obsessed over the size of the penis/clitoris, they often can measure the penis or clitoris to assign our gender even. I write about that here: “It’s too small, let’s make them into a girl!” Yup, this atrocity is still happening today!

TRUTH: Prior to the invention of “corrective surgeries” Intersex people have existed since the beginning of time.  Nor did we suffer form cancers or lack of sexual gratification. At many times in history our births were celebrated even. In history we have been worshiped, as well as held in high status as prodigies. Sadly, until culture learns about us again, we will suffer social stigma and prejudice.   This prejudice should not be made worse by our genitals being destroyed surgically, and our fertility being taken too.  Surgery is not the solution.  Fix society please.



To read the full statement from the United Nations:  Intersex Awareness Day – October 26th, 2016


Please visit: Born Perfect Baby Memes, By Mx. Anunnaki Ray


Fix Society Please


If you have one you would like to share please e-mail me and I will include it:

Photographs by Karmathartic Studios. 


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I was born perfect, and I am lovable. Thank you, United Nations.



I have joined my husband of twenty-eight years to make this message to the world for for October, 26th, Intersex Awareness Day 2016.  After living for so long believe I was broken, I now know that I was born perfect, and that I am lovable.  Thank you, my sweet husband for loving me for who I am, and thank you United Nations, for helping us to change this world.  Below I show you that we are lovable.



This is Jusepe de Ribera’s 1631 painting, “The Bearded Woman.”  Many modern day  comments about this couple showed that people felt sorry for this husband and that he was secretly miserable.  It saddened us greatly.  Back then people were not supposed to smile for pictures.  In modern times we can smile for our photographs, so my husband and I did this photoshoot to show the world that Yes, I am lovable, and yes my husband is lovable too.  


And yes, I have had a successful life, when most would like to assume it would have turned out a complete failure.  I have been with my husband for twenty-eight years, and married twenty-one years of that.  No, he is not miserable.  We are deeply in love.  We have three kids even, and try our best to be a part of American culture.  We do not fit in very well, and daily we struggle because of a lack of civil and human rights for families like ours.

For myself, my husband, and my children, everything changed Socially, Culturally, Physically, Interpersonally, Spiritually, and Legally, when I changed my gender and started living my authentic self.  

Yes, my gender is now legally male now.  And No,  I am NOT the bearded woman, even though I was assigned female at birth.  My personal thoughts about Jusepe de Ribera’s 1631 painting, “The Bearded Woman.” can be read about here:  “Womb Man” versus “Woman with a Beard” My thoughts, my story.

For the first time in my life, I now have a successful career as a male performer.  I am also a  Gender/Intersex Activist, who fights for the genital integrity of intersex infants, and the self-determination of their gender.

Yes, as a guy,  I sit to pee.  And although many surgeons suggest that it would be devastating to do as a boy, the end of the world has not happened yet!   I have had 6 pregnancies, that resulted in much pregnancy loss, and two live births, thanks to c-section.  We adopted our youngest child.   Most would say that would make me a mother.  Nope, I was never a typical mother.  Here is my blog that explains about that: I am a SEAHORSE Dad.  To our three kids I am “Vader” which means father; my husband is simply “dad” to them.  You can read about my husband and me here:  Is my husband gay, now that I appear a man? I will use “Intersexual” as a Sexual Orientation.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 4.33.04 AM

Above: The gender symbols of my husband and I united.

Out of sure luck, I have not had any genital corrective surgeries.  However, up until I was forty-six years old I conformed to being my birth assignment of being female, when that was not my true gender.  At three and four years old I told the world I was a boy.  Back in 1967 the world was not ready to hear my voice.   So I went through intensive therapy for “perceptional handicaps”  (similar to conversion therapy now), and later I agreed to hormonal medical intervention  that helped me to conform to appearing female.  In my life I have had eighteen surgeries, three suicide attempts and three close calls with death due to medical malpractice.  It has not been an easy life.

I reclaimed my gender and my health, October 26th 2014.  This would’ve been my first Intersex Awareness Day, but I would not know that until later.  After wanting to self-destruct most my life, and end my life, you can read how that miracle happened here. The universe and God obviously wanted me to live, and on this special day I was given a special message from Buck Angel: The Emancipation of my Spirit and my true Gender and Too many Dying: I was Almost One of them.

I want the world to hear my voice now, as I emerge to this world a non-conforming intersex man.  So I created this blog September of 2015 and can now virtually travel the entire world with my intersex story:  About Mx. Anunnaki Ray  and Anunnaki Travels the World

I made it!  So now I shout from the roof tops!



I end this blog with TWO VIDEO CREATIONS created by the UNITED NATIONS for


Quote from the United Nations: Intersex people are born with sex characteristics that don’t fit typical definitions of male and female. In many countries, intersex children are subjected to repeated surgery and treatment to try to change their sex characteristics and appearance, causing terrible physical, psychological and emotional pain – and violating their rights. Intersex children don’t need to be “fixed”; they are perfect just as they are!

UN Free & Equal: Intersex Awareness 


Here is another message from the United Nations that includes Intersex:  




Read the Full Statement from the United Nations Here: Intersex Day – October 26th, 2016

End note:  I share my truth, and become transparent, to help change culture and to help send a message out there to end the tragedy of corrective surgeries, that are being done on intersex infants, daily in the USA and all around the world.  

I know way to many intersex folks who wish they had the genitals they were born with, who have suffered some of the worse violations known to this planet.  

I believe that every human being deserves the Self-Determination of gender; especially intersex babies.  I wrote this promise here: Poem: I Promise to Be Your Voice: My New Year Resolution for 2016, and I have so far kept my promise.  

You can learn about my intersex friends here: Educational Intersex Videos, Website, Blogs, Authors and Articles.  

If you are a parent or an intersex person who is trying to find support in your country, you can go here to find that contact information:  World Wide Advocacy and Support For Intersex and Transgender People.  

Here is a special Facebook group for parents:  Intersex Support for Parents, that I participate in.  All parents of intersex children are welcome.    

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.08.09 PM

Above, are four examples of Intersex Flags that are seen around the world. 


Born Perfect Baby Memes, By Mx. Anunnaki Ray


Please help us to change culture, so that laws are made to end these horrible tragedies. 

I thank you for visiting my blog and learning about people born like me.

Please shout from the roof tops with me! 

Photographs done by Karmathartic Studios.  



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The Global Free Hugs With Intersex Movement comes to the USA!

My friend, Hiker Chiu started the “Global Free Hugs with Intersex movement” 全球擁抱陰陽人運動; in Taiwan.   I am honored, and with their blessing,  I will be bringing their “Free Hugs with Intersex movement” to the United States!  

On October 1st and 2nd, 2016, with my intersex friend, Shane Evert, we plan to give hugs during the PRIDE PARADE, and Pride Festival here in Jacksonville, Florida.

Here are the t-shirts we will be wearing that I designed with the help of Custom Ink.  We will also both be carrying the yellow and purple intersex flag.  

Shane and I do this to help end intersex erasure in the United State, and in  our city of Jacksonville, Florida.  We promise to share pictures of these events, and all our hugs, soon!  I will be sharing pictures, of the two of us giving hugs and marching in the parade, on my blog, and as well as on my public Facebook page: Mx. Anunnaki Ray Gender/Intersex Activist Public Page.

If you would like to follow Hiker Chiu’s movement, here is the Public Group on Facebook:  Global Free Hugs with Intersex Movement.  

Here is Hiker Chiu’s Story 

Along with pictures of their “Free Hugs With Intersex” Campaign below:

“Hiker Chiu is a Ph.D student in human sexuality at Shute University. At a gay rights parade in Taipei last year, Chiu held a placard that read “free hugs with intersex.” On Chiu’s ID card, the word “female” was written in the column for gender. However, Chiu also has male sexual characteristics such as adam’s apple. In an interview with RTI, Chiu gave a detailed account of a long and harrowing experience that was often filled with helplessness, solitude, confusion, sadness and sometimes even shame. Chiu’s parents were very supportive, but they knew very little about intersex. Doctors are not helpful at all because they are reluctant to discuss the issue with their patient. The social stigma attached to intersex people is so strong in Taiwan that Chiu had virtually no one to talk to when growing up. In September of last year, Chiu visited Organization Intersex International (OII), the trip later helped pave the way for the establishment of a Chinese-language website for intersex people.”





October 1st, 2016, pictures of Jacksonville, Florida’s Pride Parade with Shane and I giving hugs, with our “Get Hugs From Intersex” t-shirts on, and the Intersex Flags: 



You can read more about this flag here: The Story Behind this Yellow and Purple Intersex Flag


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The Emancipation of my Spirit and my true Gender.


Intersex Awareness Day, is October 26th, 2015,  and this day marks one year since the Emancipation of my spirit.  It marks the day I decide to escape the cultural entrapment and social expectations of living and appearing as female when I was never female.

This day marks the day, my spirit was able to fully return to my body.  At the time I was rehabilitating from a wheelchair, sleeping over 16 hours a day, was overweight, had autonomic dysfunction, severe neuropathy,  cataplexy, and narcolepsy, taking countless drugs, using a cane and was very female appearing.  My condition of intersex is related to a complex metabolic condition that is very difficult for doctors to understand.  I was taking finasteride, progesterone,  fludrocortisone, prednisone, and beta blockers.   I was very physically and emotionally sick.   If I could not get better and live differently, I was committing suicide, and it was not going to be a cry for help.  It would be more like a form of euthanasia!   A mercy killing.  I would not live with that pain no more.

It was Intersex Awareness Day, October 26, 2014.  At the time I gave no attention to that little detail.   I never even knew that day existed yet.  I had always thought of myself as broken.  I did not even own the word intersex yet.  I was a Defect of Sexual Development; I was a disease, a syndrome.   And was taught to believe I was insane to think myself a boy at three and as a teen.

I was hurting too much to care.  I would discover later the significance of that day, and it was a profound discovery, a burning bush moment and a God-incidence!  It was no doubt a message from the universe, to tell me I should spare my life!

I like to connect and help others through Facebook, especially within the autism and mitochondrial disease community.  But this time, social media, guided me to a very special transsexual man, Buck Angel, and I had written him regarding my pain around living as female.  Being obsessed with Facebook I had to check it one last time before I took the deadly cocktail….and there it was his reply!  With his message to me, Buck Angel helped to give me my spark back and his life story filled me with hope.  I share his message to me here:

“Hi Ant, the world will miss you so please dont go….Thank you for this email. Life can be so damn hard at times. But know this. I survived and you can too. It is not easy I know this. Sometimes it feels like its easy just to die. But it is not. You have a message that is so important for everyone in this word. Help me to help make change by sticking around and you will see how important you are to me and the world. You are loved my friend. With gratitude, Buck”


Buck Angel

Once again, a heart warmed THANK YOU to BUCK ANGEL, for helping me to spare my life, and for helping so many, and for making this world a better place!

I end this blog with U2’s “Invisible”.  

This has been my favorite song this first year rehabilitating from significant illness and reclaiming my true gender.  I hope that this message shows others, they can survive too.  The suicide rate for transgender people is 41%.  There are no known statistics for the number of intersex people who have ended their life if brought up the wrong gender.  If you are hurting please know there are people who care.  You can survive too!

To learn more about me, please explore my web page.  

Here is My Autobiography