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Poem: I am whole


I am me.

I am empowered,

I am being heard.

Yesterday, I was unheard.

I was invisible.

I was the one whose power was taken away, and

I was made broken by this world.

I am complete now,

I am whole in

body and soul.


with you

Sally Gross.

By Anunnaki Ray Marquez

August, 25th, 2018


♥ Today, my blog is three years old. ♥

Third Anniversary for My Blog


“I am an unmutilated, whole Intersex PERSON” Sally Gross. Portrait by Gabrielle Le Roux 2013

A Tribute to Sally Gross. By Gabrielle Le Roux
Remembering Sally Gross today and her immense contribution to the struggle for the human rights of intersex people. Portrait with this credit: Collaborative portrait of Sally Gross, 2013. Drawing by Gabrielle Le Roux, words by Sally Gross.


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