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Poem: When two lonely aliens become brothers

We both felt like we were from another world. You on one side of the country, and me on the other. And we would not know it until half our lives were over.   You would be born a decade before me. Sharing with pride to all your friends your genitals from another world. All… Continue reading Poem: When two lonely aliens become brothers

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Poem: Imagine my world

Imagine my world:   Not one movie, show, book, article, comic, etc. include intersex people without educating or sensationalizing.   Imagine my world:   I have to educate calmly. I can't show anger. Even though I was violated and have few human rights.   Imagine my world:   To fit in I have ALWAYS felt like… Continue reading Poem: Imagine my world

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Poem: My Intersectionality

  Born in every way I am hated by your world May I wake you up Haiku By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez November 22, 2018, Thanksgiving Day in the United States Yes, I know the many shades of prejudice. Here is my intersectionality:   I feel like an alien to this world. I have a… Continue reading Poem: My Intersectionality

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Poem: My ship has finally landed!

My ship has finally landed! Thank you for welcoming me to this strange planet where only typical men and women are allowed to exist. I am obviously an Alien Space Pirate. Space Pirate, you say? How strange is that? There’s Space, which doesn’t have Pirates, and there are Pirates, that should never be in Space.… Continue reading Poem: My ship has finally landed!

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Poem: I am a Gender Space Pirate

  You think I come from outer space. Instead, I come to you with my feathers and lace. No, I am not a cultural disgrace. I am a part of this gender race. I do not care if I am misplaced. I love my beauty and being handsome too. I am a Gender Space Pirate! My… Continue reading Poem: I am a Gender Space Pirate

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Poem: The Alien and the Empty Bucket

    I am 100% alien, until law says otherwise I could die without my human rights African American Slaves  were called animals Law had to finally say otherwise The Civil Rights movement changed things Black Lives Matter They are human • If I die with human dignity having full human rights It will have… Continue reading Poem: The Alien and the Empty Bucket

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Why do I feel like A VISITING ALIEN?

Do I really have to have more surgery to fit into YOUR WORLD? I use to appear a typical woman Then I use to want to appear a typical man Now I am being compared to transgender men I even made a lousy woman. Where do I fit in? Please do not erase me ♥… Continue reading Why do I feel like A VISITING ALIEN?