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Poem: My Intersectionality



Born in every way

I am hated by your world

May I wake you up

Haiku By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez

November 22, 2018,

Thanksgiving Day in the United States

Yes, I know the many shades of prejudice.

Here is my intersectionality:


  • I feel like an alien to this world.
  • I have a Marquez Castilian Spanish Father
  • My mother grew up in poverty in the United States as German and Pennsylvania Dutch.
  • My Ashkenazi Jewish Genes makes me and my cousin intersex.
  • Born a 46XX an Intersex boy, but assigned female at birth in error.
  • My form of intersex is one of the most commonly aborted!
  • Labeled a Disorder of Sex Development and a medical condition.
  • Later labeled a Transgender Man.
  • My husband and I now look like two Gay Men.
  • I am very Queer.
  • Born a Zebra among Horses: Mitochondrial dysfunction & Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.
  • I have a Learning Difference, Memory issues, and Autism Spectrum Traits.
  • I was misdiagnosed mentally ill but cleared by different psychiatrists as not having such a diagnosis.
  • I am a recovered alcoholic and addict: My fired psychiatrist was my drug dealer.  A new psychiatrist cleared my name of all the misdiagnosis.
  • I can’t eat gluten and am truly carbohydrate intolerant.
  • A parent to marginalized three children, since they have two fathers now and my husband is African American, Spanish, Pawnee, Irish, French, and German.
  • I’m a Gestational Father too.  I had six pregnancies and two live births.
  • Adoptive same-gender parents.
  • My kids know they are okay if they are LGBTQ+ in some way, and they also know that they are welcome to date, love, or marry anyone.
  • Received the first intersex birth certificate in Colorado proving my biological sex is intersex and not a disorder of sex development.

James Baldwin Quote | Humanity and Right To Exist

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