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Poem: Being used to help change this world.

For the greater good

I have been used

to teach your world better

Like an alien visitor

I have been abused

I have be misused




Like a Circus Side Show

Friended and cracked open

to be dropped

after you are done with me

Looked at under a microscope

So alone

For no pay

An yet….

For the greater good

I might do it again

So this world might change


By Anunnaki Ray Marquez

November, 28th, 2020

A Note I put out to my friends on social media and why I wrote this poem: Without sharing who or character assassinating (for it can be more than one person out here) I give WARNING: We all need to be mindful that there are outsiders that want to sensationalize some of us intersex people by using us at our cost and without payment. With the promise to be one’s friend, colleague, or confidant, I have been snagged in this way. I have been used and have learned the hard way. It almost feels as if I have been scammed. Everyone knows how horrible this feels. Please be wary of any outsiders asking to interview or use you for their research or book writing. Especially if you are intersex, non-binary, and or transgender. It might not be the good intentions of being a true ally that they are trying to proclaim of themselves. You could end up like me with a close friend that dumps you on your head when they are through leeching off of you for free and for their own personal gains. I now know that many of us activists have sadly been used. Due to being a rookie, and new to activist, I did not heed their warnings.


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