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Intersex Day of Remembrance and Solidarity 2017

Intersex Day of Remembrance, also known as Intersex Solidarity Day, is an international awareness day that aims to draw attention to the issues faced by members of the intersex community. It is observed on November 8, marking the birth anniversary of Herculine Barbin.  Herculine was a hermaphrodite who wrote a memoir about their life and the tragedies they faced in the nineteenth century.

Today I will celebrate then and now, with an intersex child named Joey, who is getting the right to self-determine her own gender.  I too have emancipated my true gender and my right to self-determination.  The biggest problem we intersex people face is the forced assignment of gender as children, in the form of non-consensual genital surgeries, hormones, and psychiatric treatments.  Together we have to work to stop these atrocities.  To learn more about those of us born intersex, here is the United Nations Intersex Fact Sheet.

May we never forget that we walked among you then, and now.  The Self-Determination of our own Gender is our Human Right.


Herculine Barbin: Being the Recently Discovered Memoirs of a Nineteenth-century French Hermaphrodite

By Herculine Barbin, Richard McDougall (Translator), Michel Foucault(introduction):
“With an eye for the sensual bloom of young schoolgirls & the torrid style of the romantic novels of her day, Herculine Barbin tells the story of her life as a hermaphrodite. Herculine was designated female at birth. A pious girl in a Catholic orphanage, a bewildered adolescent enchanted by the ripening bodies of classmates, a passionate lover of a schoolmistress, she’s suddenly reclassified as male. Alone & desolate, he commits suicide, aged 30, in a miserable Paris attic. Here’s a lost voice of the sexual past in an erotic diary. Provocative, articulate, eerily prescient as she imagines her corpse under the probing instruments of scientists, Herculine brings a disturbing perspective to our notions of sexuality. Foucault, who discovered these memoirs in the archives of the French Department of Public Hygiene, presents them with the graphic medical descriptions of Herculine’s body before & after death. In a striking contrast, a painfully confused young person & the doctors who examine her try to sort out the nature of masculine & feminine at the dawn of the age of modern sexuality.”
“Herculine Barbin can be savored like a libertine novel. The ingenousness of Herculine, the passionate yet equivocal tenderness which thrusts her into the arms, even into the beds, of her companions, gives these pages a charm strangely erotic…Michel Foucault has a genius for bringing to light texts & reviving destinies outside the ordinary.”–Le Monde, 7/1978


The Intersex Flag 

Self-Determination Intersex Day of Solidarity Pirate Antonio Phoenix JPEG.jpg

Pirate Antonio Phoenix was born INTERSEX!

The Gift of Self-Determination with Joey and Pirate Antonio Phoenix JPEG

HAPPY Intersex Awareness Day 2017! Joey meets Pirate Antonio Phoenix AND Joey’s Gift: Self-Determination


Photography From Seth Langner at Karmathartic



Anunnaki Ray's Photographic Stories, Celebrations, Intersex Awareness, Self-Determination

Joey’s Gift: Self-Determination


Joey is an amazing spirit, child, and has pure innocence.   At nine years old she is very clear about her gender identity and embraces their feminine side, and yet still has a great passion for sports and aspirations to become a football player!   May this world awaken gently to allow such amazing children to grow, bloom and become.   It is her hope that she changes the rules of the NFL and that they will soon allow capable women!   Look out world!  Joey is coming!


Here is a message from Tiescha, Joey’s mother:

To watch a child grow into themselves is an remarkable journey to experience. Joey is an XY Intersex girl that embraces her feminine side along with naturally erasing the line in the sand of gender conformity.

She has a beautiful dream in life of seeing women join the NFL.  From an early age she found a lovely balance of enjoying fashion, dolls, baking, loving anything Hot Pink and playing football.  Any given day she walks in the house covered in dirt head to toe after hours of running slant routs, showers and puts on her Monster High PJ’s, plays with her doll house and works on her new fashion designs of Hot Pink dress with frills and sequins.  

I believe one day our Joey will help others make the dream of women in football real.  Her self-determination will take her there, not her chromosomes, or lack of testosterone production, her dream will get her there.  She believes in possibilities and we believe in her. She hopes to show other kids they can be who they are and it’s okay to be Intersex.  According to Joey it’s, okay to love football and play with Dolls, Pick flowers, and enjoy fishing, get a pedicure and play with bugs.



Here is a Facebook support for parents of intersex kids: Intersex Support for Parents  


Here is a message from Joey’s mother, Tiescha, explaining why they allowed Joey to share her aspirations with the world:

“In the past few years, Joey started to ask questions about herself that were somewhat complicated to answer as a parent. We evolved with her and started using resources online to articulate what we could not find words for. She rapidly became more self-aware and in the past year found peace with who she is. Her questions did not stop, she began to conduct her own searches online and wanted to meet other Intersex children. This lead to her wanting to help others in learning (In her words) “It’s okay to be Intersex.” As a baby Joey was subjected to surgery, she never had a say and her voice was stolen. We vowed to never allow this to happen again. She is now using her voice and has our unconditional support, love, and guidance.”


A picture of Joey as a baby. 

An Anonymous Message From a Parent of an intersex child: What happens with the bathrooms when she grows up?

An Anonymous letter from a parent; to National Geographic.

This message brought to you for INTERSEX Awareness Day 2017, with much gratitude to our h Seth Langner of Karmathartic



Anunnaki Ray's Photographic Stories, Celebrations, Intersex Awareness

Pirate Antonio Phoenix was born INTERSEX!


We Are Real

Mx. Anunnaki Ray  is  Pirate Antonio Phoenix,  

and the world can now finally get over it, learn to accept me 100%, and can hopefully even learn to smile about it with me.  

XX Men exist and XX Women Exist.  Intersex and Transgender People Prove this truth all the time.  Intersex people are as common as 1.7% of the population.  That means we are as common as redheads.   This pirate is out of the closet for good!  

A life in the closet is no good for anyone.

We Are Human 




When I was born in 1967,  I put this world on its head.  My true biological sex is intersex.  I was not born male or female, but my birth certificate could not reflect my true biological sex, which is intersex. 


Not knowing what to do with me they assigned me female, and therapy taught me as a child to be a girl when I was not a girl.  Doctors made sure my hormones were aligned with girls when naturally they were not.  I lived most my life appearing as a female.


In 2014 I decided to emancipate my true self.  With the help of my new doctors and councilors, I recovered from being very sick and disabled and emerged an androgynous man.


After it destroying my life, I will no longer conform to the social and medical rules of the male-female binary.  I deserve to live the rest of my life “out” and be respected for who I am. It is time for this world to awaken to the truth around intersex natural bodily variations and I am here to teach about it.  


I now stand strong to educate and change this world for the intersex babies born like me.  It is time that we all received our human rights and were given the right to determine our own gender as intersex children.  The forced assignment of gender, through surgical procedures and therapeutic manipulations, has to end.  Too many lives have been destroyed.  The experiment of assigning our gender is over!  


To help intersex or transgender children and their parents, as pirates, our family now offers to get to know your family and will spend the day in Old St. Augustine Florida with you.  If you would like to hang out with us please e-mail me:  


I Promise to Be Your Voice: My New Year Resolution for 2017


The Story Behind this Yellow and Purple Intersex Flag

How I was medically & psychiatrically violated as an intersex person.

United Nations’ Intersex Fact Sheet


This message is brought to you for INTERSEX Awareness Day 2017.

Photographs by Seth Langner of Karmathartic




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Poem: Too filled with sorrow to cry anymore


Too filled with sorrow to even cry anymore


This world took away who I am.
It took away my purpose.
I told you I was a boy, but what would I know?  
You said I was too young to know.
This world took away who I am.
I lived broken.  
It upset this world, so they tried to fix me even more.
It did not work.  I became sicker and sicker.
I folded like a thirsty rose in the desert.
I learned I was lied to by this world.
I realized I could exist.
But, I would break your rules.
What I woke up to was that there are millions like me.
We walk among you.  
We are known as the “broken ones”.
The Sexual “Outcasts” and the “Deviants”.


Could it be, that  this world does not see our angel wings?


I fall to my knees, hoping that I can change this world.
To stop the genocide of it all.
The hidden will not hide now.


Too filled with sorrow to even cry anymore.
But to now know
That in this world,
I now finally have a purpose.
By Mx. Anunnaki Ray



Pictures of me taken by: Karmathartic Studios

Anunnaki Ray's Photographic Stories, Hope, Human Rights, Human Rights Violations, Poems

An Intersex Poem of Freedom: I Will Sing My Song



For Warmth
I hold my face between my hands
no I am not crying
I hold my face between my hands
to keep my loneliness warm
two hands protecting
two hands nourishing
two hands to prevent
my soul from leaving me
in anger
By Thich Nhat Hanh

My sorrow and empathy consume me when I hear the stories of other intersex people.  I think about the many  who have been surgically harmed, mutilated, sterilized, sexually exploited, assigned the wrong gender, or murdered, and I can become overwhelmed with emotion.  It has become a driving storm within me to now make a difference as a gender/intersex activist, and join the efforts of others.

To educate this world about gender and intersex people, I chose to turn my sadness and anger into messages, photographs,  and artwork.   I now know that I was not the only one hurt by this world.  When I tell my story I see many in the audience cry.  It has made me realize that there is HOPE.  I promise to be the voice of those who have no voice. 

We can all become the Guardians and Messengers for those babies born into a world where there are few laws to protect their human rights.  By teaching this world it is ok to be born with an intersex body, babies no longer have to be surgically harmed by unnecessary surgeries, and surgical gender assignment can stop.


I Will Sing My Song

By Mx. Anunnaki Ray
January 18th, 2016
How could you see my angel wings, you were blind, you could not sing.
I was locked in a Cage.
How could you see that I was special, they had lied to you, they told you I was all wrong and you believed them.
You locked me up, and let them try to fix me. They broke my spirit and bound me to whom I never could be. They poisoned my body, my mind and then got away with it.
My bloody wrists and ankles shackled to a world I never could belong to. A prisoner, to a lie, to your delusions. Behind bars I lived most my entire life. This world my prison.
I now see that you did your best. But my life was taken, like all the rest. No one broke the law.
I have no human rights.
I have been to the front lines of this war. A horrific sight. Prejudice, Suicide, Genital mutilations, Murder and Hating Oneself for not belonging to this world.
Hell on Earth.
A lie that is so cunning, baffling and insidious, the male/female binary. Only two boxes, that have tried to destroy a part of the Human Race.
They tried to erase me.
How could you see my angel wings, you were blind, you could not sing.
But my cage door is now open
I will sing my song.




Here is a picture of my photographer, Seth Langner and myself, at this photo shoot; January, 10th, 2016. Photo taken by a friend, Jim Wiggins; at The 5 & Dime: A Theater Company.


This blog was created with great thanks to those who made it possible.: Photographer Seth Langner of Karmathartic Studios, The 5 & Dime: A Theater Company, Judi Herring, M.D.: Shifting Parallax, Trinity Baker my Stylist Artist, plus my dear husband, family, and friends.
I wrote this poem for my New Years Resolution for 2016: I Promise to Be Your Voice.   Here is another related poem:  Maybe, Just Maybe, It is time to (Un)Know Gender.   Last, here is our first Photographic Storyboard: WE ARE HUMAN
The story behind Thich Nhat Hanh’s poem: For Warmth, and how one lives with anger.



Anunnaki Ray's Photographic Stories, Human Rights Violations, Intersex Awareness, Prejudice, Self-Determination, Short Messages


Can you see past the label?






In my life, I have been called all these horrible names and more.  I personally wrote each and every one of these words on that chalkboard, as an exercise to show you, and myself how ugly this world has been to me and to other intersex people.  When people have called me these things in a hateful way it slowly broke my spirit.  Especially as a child growing up, how was I to block it?   I have, however, used some of these words to have fun in describing myself.  It is always personally up to the person to share what is, and what is not appropriate for them.

So please never assume and always ask.



I dedicate this one to:  Faces – UNITED NATIONS FREE AND EQUAL

Share this message and support human rights for all.

United Nations Secretary General
Ban Ki-Moon



Mx. Anunnaki Ray

Gender/INTERSEX Activist.

A  HUGE THANK YOU to Judi Herring M.D, Seth Langner, of KARMATHARTIC STUDIOS,  THE 5 & Dime A THEATER COMPANY , and my Sweet Husband, for making this possible!

What Seth Langner share on Facebook November 2015, when we released this photographic story:

“Back in late August, I was asked by Dr. Judi Herring and Anunnaki Ray, an intersex man, if I would help document his transition – not a transition exactly, a reclaiming, a homecoming, a long overdue self-realization – after nearly four decades of conforming to a female gender that was, when he was just a toddler, arbitrarily assigned him by family and doctors. It very nearly killed him. But, more importantly, he survived. Immediately upon hearing Anunnaki’s story, all at once infuriating and sad and ultimately redemptive, I felt it a sacred honor to be asked – and to try – to tell his story. This is the outcome of our first collaboration.”