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Poem: When two lonely aliens become brothers

Meeting Jim Costich for the first time! August  2019
Jim Costich and Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez August 2019

We both felt like we were from another world.

You on one side of the country, and me on the other.

And we would not know it

until half our lives

were over.


You would be born a decade before me.

Sharing with pride to all your friends your genitals from another world.

All our lives we both felt like we were from another planet.

Your dad allowing you to grow up a boy.

The boy you knew you were.


And me being forced and coerced through therapy to be a girl.

The girl I knew I wasn’t.

So I knew I had to be the

invisible space boy.


We both felt like we were from another world.

Your mother grieving the loss of her daughter,

that you never were.

Her shameless grief going all the way into your adulthood.

My mother and father never meeting me, their son.

They would die too soon.

 My siblings, family, and most of my friends

abandoning me when like a transgender man

I took back my

sir name.


We both felt like we were from another world.

I found you in a documentary.

How could this be?

I was not alone!


Two aliens stranded on this strange planet called Earth.

A place that attempted to erase our existence.


Then one day we met in person.

To touch you, and finally hug you!

You were real!


No longer just close to my heart.

Two intersex gay men.

Now friends forever.

Never to be alone again.

And from the same world.


We are real!  We exist! 

We are human! 

By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez

September, 24th, 2019

WE ARE HUMAN with new brand




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